Are You An Unknowing Poet?

Poetry is one of those weirdly crazy things that everyone seems to be able to write, to varying degrees of ability. It can by musical, romantic, war-based or even nonsensical and as such, is one of the best ways we all have for communicating how we feel. As a result of this, I am requesting that everyone who sees this post (and I’ll know how many of you there are!) send us in a poem (or more, if you wish), so that we can publicise you, review you and generally make you feel so much better about your hidden skill.

I know Gwinnet writes poetry and I’ve written a poem a day since… Monday… Which makes me an expert. I’ll even give the best poet, as voted by a panel of reviewers, here at That Guy, a group of personalised poems, as written by each willing reviewer (probably me and Gwinnet, when I ask him), based on a topic of your choosing. What have you got to lose? Go on… Give it a go…

Lots of E-Love,

That Guy

PS – I will be posting a few of my so-called ‘romance’ poems on a specially made post for Valentines Day, in the week running up to it. You know… As a special treat to all of you lovers out there…

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