Valentines Header

Just uploaded our new header, which took a sum total of 20 minutes to make, rather than the hour I expected it to.

It’s simple, made entirely in paint and above all, made by me. Every word of it is true, ESPECIALLY the post script.

We really do, even though some of you spam us and most of you will never meet us in person. We do because you give us our raison d’être. Or rather, our raison pour examiner. Without the frequent readers, we wouldn’t still be writing and without the new guys, we wouldn’t have a growing fan base. Those of you who didn’t like us… Well, we love you anyway. You gave us advice on how to improve and before giving us time to change, you left. That’s how so many relationships end and sadly, ours ended like it too.

If you have a problem, let us know. We’ll do everything we can to fix it. That’s a promise. A Valentines Day promise. A Valentines Day promise from a single 17-year-old that lives with his father, in the middle of a shitty town in a shitty county, in a mediocre country. We will try to help.

That unimportant message and possible treason statement dealt with, we wish you all the best for the next few weeks and how that those of you in relationships stay happy and together, that those of you who are considering separation can find a way to resolve the problems, but most of all, from all of us here… If you are alone over the coming weeks, we hope that you find that special someone, be they love interest, close friend, family member or even goat, to just spend some time with on Valentines Day. No-one should have to be alone.


Good luck in your love life, wherever you are…

That Guy

2 thoughts on “Valentines Header

    1. I just had to think of something he’ll object to… But then again, since it’ll involve alcohol, he’s defo gonna wanna be there!


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