Hey Soul Sister – Train

Since it’s been bloody ages since my last review and my whole music review series thing has gone down the drain, I decided I’d pick up where I left off. Since there has been a distinct lack of interest in the contest for this series, I have decided to drop it. I won’t, however, be telling you what the theme is. There will be a dedicated post for whoever tells me what it is, before anyone else, so long as I haven’t told you what it is.

Regardless, here’s the next part of my series, ‘Hey Soul Sister’, by Train. Enjoy.

Well, I normally start with the lyrics, but since the music is so distinctive with this song, I’ll deal with that first today.

We listen to a dual-guitar wielding musician, a drummer and a Puerto Rico looking young gentleman. Nothing wrong with that. Simplicity at it’s best. I will now check the nationality of the lead singer, who just so happens to look Puerto Rican. He’s American… Well. I knew there was a Rican in there somewhere…

The guitar is simple, mostly being a quick strum or two, in quick succession, followed by a few more quick strums, throughout the song. Simple, efficient and my favourite. Good work Mr Darth Guitarist. He also has great shades. The drummer is pretty underused in my opinion, being barely audible for a lot of the song. Might just be me, but I think he should have a much bigger role. As for Puerto Americano? I like the vocals, the hair and the fact that he didn’t get the girl.

Yeah. It’s another love song. I realised about 2 years ago that a good 2/3 of songs can be understood as love songs. Well, this one’s pretty good, lyrically speaking. It has a great beat to it, the guitar is easy to follow and the vocals very rhythmic, understandable and enjoyable to listen to. Favourite lyrics? It has to be this…

Your lipstick stains
On the front lobe of my
Left-side brains
I knew I wouldn’t forget you
And so I went and let you
Blow my mind

Why? I don’t quite know. It fits in with the general theme and, as Mr Brightside will teach us, it’s that first kiss that tells us how crazy we are about someone.  I get the impression that she kissed his forehead, which made him realise he was crazy for her. Probably.

Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable song. Not perfect, as there’s something missing, but still worth a listen if you get the chance…


That Guy

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