Finding Love

Hi everyone. I decided to post this to fit the valitines theme and because i did say i wrote poetry. This is my work and no one elses, that i promise; and i hope everyone out there has a happy valintines day. I will probably be spending mine alone, but hay, what you gonna do? So here is my poem titled “Finding Love”. Enjoy….

Roses are red, violets are blue,

i may have been an emotionless vulcan,

a spock,

but now i want love to.


I urne for companionship,

the need to care for another,

grows heavy on my heart.

For this i would tear the world athunder.


I find myself reconnected.

With once so deep running emotions;

I surpressedĀ them so well, i had forgotton how they feel.

Its like a sour toxin; wrapped in a sweet potion.


Lonliness use to protect me,

but now i feel so alone.

Having friends has reawakened a much kinder me,

that has rocked me to my bone.


My hunger for love grows more each day

like a tulip,

beautiful and intising.

Its two-lips takeing my breath away.


I know not whome or what i seek,

only the jurney on which i am set,

It will be arduous and painful,

but i will do it till my mach is met.


Only, caution i must take,

for the line between love and hate

is faded and thin and easy to cross;

my beautiful tulip could turn to rotting moss.


For these deep running emotions

include anger and fear.

These make us do terrible things;

even to those we hold most dear.


And with these emotions i have a worst history than most,

and do not think this is a sick attempt to boast.

This is a warning to myself, from me;

to be a gentle-man and act with dignity.


As i embark on this epic new voyage

of discovery and mistery,

this starts a new chapture

in my autobiographical history.


Lets hope for a happily ever after……

3 thoughts on “Finding Love

  1. This is where you can review a reviewers work. I am giving the kind of power i have over others achivments to you. so take your time, be honest and brave and tell me…
    what do you think?


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