Can You feel The Love Tonight – Elton John (Lion King)

I admit it. I’ve never seen The Lion King. I’ll be honest, I don’t want to. When I was going out with That Girl, she nearly made me watch it and to be honest, watching Bend It Like Beckham was a much better choice. I’ve always sort of had a thing for Keira Knightly…

So, we have a love song, about two lions, written by a homosexual, for a children’s film. Something’s not quite right there.

Regardless, it starts with Timone and Pumba (sp?) lamenting the loss of their friend at the hands, I mean paws, of that whorish Nala that decides to show her face in the jungle after so many years…. I read the book… I get the gist of the story. She thinks she can swan in and ruin the three animateers (a mixture of animals and musketeers) for the sake of the kingdom. What a bitch.

I have this light hatred of musicals, just for the fact that everyone sings in tune, to the same music, without any prior planning. It’s unrealistic and just wouldn’t happen. Trust me. We tried it.

So what’s the song like? It’s catchy, but to be honest, I don’t like it. I’m in a Skype conversation with Benny, who’s telling me it’s great, but I just don’t think it’s all that.

The song is just too laboured. There’s always someone’s voice aimed at you, with a total of about 6 seconds throughout the whole song. It’s just not right. There should be gaps. Places where the music can be heard and have an impact. In this, it’s used to back the tribal chant, or the annoyed animals, or the whore of a lioness Nala. Not a good use of music, in my opinion.

I would normally tell my favourite lyrics, but I don’t think there’s really anything worth mentioning here, so I’ll comment on the video instead.

We watch Simba and Nala have that ‘love at first sight plus the time we spend getting to know each other’ kind of moments, followed by the awkward ‘I’m laying on you in some grass’ scene. It’s all to anthropomorphic for my liking.

So, lions falling in love, getting wet, laying in grass and pissing me off. Good job Elton… great job!


That Guy

8 thoughts on “Can You feel The Love Tonight – Elton John (Lion King)

  1. Nala had no intention of splitting the group up, at least that’s not why she was there. Scar was king and had hunted the herds to extinction in that area, forcing the lionesses to expand their hunting terrotory, she stumbled upon Simba and co and, because Simba is the only one who can rightfully challenge Scar and replace him as king, tries to persuade him to come back.


    1. I knew THAT. I was using poetic and reviewer’s license to get accross that I don’t like her. She ended up splitting up their trio, however accidentally, which was saddening for watchers or readers…


  2. As i poet i can tell you, you cant use the excuss of poetic license to cover when you get it wrong! Plus, youve obviously never seen the song live. Out of context of the movie it is a beautiful masterpiece! I beg you, review the song on its merits alone…. :..(
    (and also admite the Lion King is a Disney Masterpiece.)


    1. Ahem… I think I’ll measure the worth of my own reviews, thank you… Besides, like I said, I haven’t actually seen the film. I’m basing it all on my half-arsed knowledge. Besides, isn’t this site about opinion anyway?


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