John Denver – Take Me Home, Country Roads

I first listened to the Hermes House Band version of this song. Great version. How about the original?

Well, John Denver was never one of those people who appealed to me. Not sure why, to be honest. He can sing, he can write music and he can write lyrics, plus, he can do it all quite well.

Well, with Country Roads, he impressed me. I always envisioned country music as being a bunch of sweaty blokes playing instruments in a run down barn, OR, thanks to my learnedness, ZZ Top playing a bit o’ music back in 1885, in the luxurious town of Hill Valley. I know. It’s probably a very wrong opinion. Tough. It’s my opinion and THAT’S why you’re here.

The song starts out, and follows through, with his ‘good ol’ geetar,’ a light drumming (I think) plus what could be violin. It creates a very good country music concert effect, especially when playing at you at full volume, with headphones… ┬áProbably not the way it was made to be heard, but it’s the way I’m doing it.

Now, the song is great. I like this song. It has a great pace, it’s a group song and most of all, it’s different. Where else have you heard a bloke singing about the State he loves? Sweet Home Alabama. That’s it. Not many songs about states…

I couldn’t find a video for it, other than it being performed live, so I can’t really review that, but I can tell you my favourite lyrics, or in this case, favourite part. The ending. No, not like that. I like the song, but the ending is one of the group chorus’ where everyone pitches in and makes it worth listening to.

I only wish that the start was a little bit quicker. Not sure why, but it just doesn’t quite sound right.

Overall, a great song.


That Guy

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