Pictures Of You – The Last Goodnight

A strange band name. A strange song name. A strange song? Let’ see.

So, the song is about how pictures show us what we are, as well as what we could have been. How do I know that? I’m a frickin’ genius… No. It says.

The lyrics are quite simple here. They eventually sum up to mean, we could be so much if we gave it a go. Simple as.

The instrumental work here is superb. The use of piano at the start, as well as the guitar and drums, both light, but both effective, makes a generally good to hear piece of music. It’s not too taxing on the ears, but in return, it’s not too weak either. You like what you hear, as it doesn’t threaten to deafen you, nor make you turn the volume up. it’s a win-win situation.

The singer is pretty good. Looks fucking mental, but boy can he sing. Not much more to say really.

The video. Now, here’s the cool bit. To demonstrate the power of images, they have merged multiple pictures to suggest that people could be whatever they want. They have a guy chatting to himself in deserted market, before surrounding him with people at a dinner table, or the paraplegic who they put on a bicycle. It’s clever and get’s their point across.

There’s really nothing else I can say other than the song gets boring quickly. The first time, I loved this song. The second, again, loved. After that, I started to hate it. Now? I can barely justify listening to it and the only reason I am is because it’s my job to. Sorry ‘The Last Goodnight’ but it’s just one of those one-off songs. It’s not gonna be a crowd pleaser I’m afraid.


That Guy

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