Never Let Me Go (2010 Film)

I know, film is not my territory, but this film is based on 2005 novel “Never let me go” by Kazuo Ishiguro and as the movie and the book are so similar (and i mean nearly indentical) it should be fine. Also i carry a rather large opion on this film as my sister insists to watch it and further insists to try and love it. She must like it alot as its the only movie now that keeps here eyes on the screen and away from here phone, but its meant to be a tear jerker and she has never cried at the ending once. Anyway, back to the movie. If you havn’t guessed by now, i dont like it. I infact hate it and heres why.

Mainly i have a problem with one thing, which doesn’t sound so bad untill i tell you that thing is the plot; as far as im concerned it is awfull. My major problem begins at the start of the movie stating the medical marvel of life beyoned 100 years old has been achived and that follows into life at Havishum school after a quick interlude with whi this story is about. Thats it, and thats just it. Theres no back story, no reasons why there at Havishum and no explaination as to the grand scheme of the movie but instead just dropping obvious hints all the time. I was confused at how to approch the movie; wether with a calculating analytical mind or the mind of a child. This was the first thing to frustrate me.

Second was once i knew the grand scheme of the plot, nothing really happened. The children from Havishum just split up into diffrent accomidations throughout Britain and the main point of the story was put on hold. This is because the story is meant to be the remenisance of Kathy H, played by Carey Mulligan, of her time as a cloned person and a carer of the others from Havishum and other schools. Only she keeps wanting to remenise about her love for her childhood sweetheart Tommy, played by Andrew Garfield, who was stolen from her by her jelous best friend Ruth, played by Keria Knightley. This side story takes so much time and promanace from the suggested main plot it feels like there are two main stroys going on at once, one within another and this annoyed me because i didn’t know which one to follow and they were never happening at the same time which streched out the length of the movie. It might have been better if the two stories were happening or at least being expalined at the same time but if they had done that there movie would have been to sort and i think i may have got lost and im the guy who fully understood Inception the first time round!

Then another thing. As there clones made to donate vital organs, i know there lives are meant to be short untill they, in the language of the movie, “compleat”; because apperntly the word die didn’t fit, which annoyed me. Only some dont donate there organs but instead care for those who do as carers. This indicates that the short life due to organ donating is optional and that its only from a life of brain washing that they feel they have to do this. The carers are fine until they start donating, so what if one of them decided not to donate, would they then live a full life? Is this, your a clone and you must donate organs all just some big government medical conspricy and lie? The movie does not invite us to question the plot, which shows there confidence in it but more than that it treats the movie like the plot is the God given truth and i must not ever doubt that, and i hate movies that stiffel my curiosity and intelect.

Then something very annoying happens. The two plots merge as the idea that a couple of clones in love could ask for a full life which they could share with one another if they are compatible. This brings together Kathy’s love story and the main story makeing them almost one, making my head hurt as to why these two stories were kept seperate in the first place. Im also annoyed at how everything in this movie is so gradual and slow moveing; It seriously drags its heels. Then, finally, theres the ending. Being really too kind to the movie, its rubbish. What i honestly think of it is too offencive for a reviwewing site. Its meant to be sad, but i dont feel emotionally attached to any of the charatures what so ever. Also, it sort of cuts off a bit. I know its not meant to be a happy ending, but this whole film has a real down in the dumps, seriously depressed feel to it and i would have given anything to make it happier; even just a little. If i did cry at the end of the movie it would not be because of the sadness of the movie but because of despair at the movie.

Throughout the entire thing i feel like a stupid dog (not a smart dog because there are many, many, many of them) being lead on a very, very, very long walk and given treats for everything obvious i see and chocked by my lead every time i start to run off into any depth of the plot. This movie does not allow me to be smart and go at my viewing pace, but at its slow and obvious pace, which infuriates me! So, as my sign of hatred of this movie i will score it a 1/10. The one is for the great acting talents throughout the movie and Carey Mulligans’ monologs, both of which could not be over shadowed by the terribleness of this movie.

By That Other Guy

11 thoughts on “Never Let Me Go (2010 Film)

  1. Too true. unfortunatly, we cant review Keria Knightley as there isn’t a scale big enough, but she can have one of my coverted Gold Stars!


    1. Shame to be honest. The ‘That-Guy-Review-O-Meter’ in my office just isn’t tall enough for her… Ah well… Maybe the next attractive, amazingly successful actress can go on there instead…


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