Lirael by Garth Nix

So, another review and another one of my starting paragraphs that has nothing to do with what im reviewing. Well no, actually, i thought i would just say how the starting paragraphs of my work always tie in losley with my work but dont actually have anything to do pecifically with what im reviewing and i would like to rectefie this with this opening. But first i would like to say a word to the writer Garth Nix, first what a great and memorbal name you have and second to all of you who dont know this particular author; he lives in Australia. Oh, ive done it again havn’t i; oh well, back to Lirael, the second book the Aborshen series.

After the great sucess of Sabriel, Lirael had a lot to live up to and my expectations were high. Only, the book let me down rather a lot. The charature in this book, another young girl named Lirael, doesn’t fit into where she lives, quite literally, but she so wants to. Her destiny is fortold to be elsewhere and she goes on a large adventure against evil Necromancers to take her place as the next aborshen and along the way she meets and falls for a young Prince who thinks himself a fool. Da Ja Vu or what?! Common Garth, this is practically the same story, only Sabriel is now a fully grown Queen of the Old Kingdom, through marrage with her Prince from her story, which was a nice touch, knowing they get together; and its her Son who Lirael meets.

Besides alot of the plot of this book haveing been through a photocopier, which i was only ever happy about when Moggot, the sarcastic, fish demanding cat returned, im happy to say at least the motives for the jurney this time were diffrent. Evil Necromancer is turning the new Countrys of the South against the Old KIngdom, which is easy to do as the south do not have acess to magic but instead have guns and bombs and while that distraction goes on he can awaken a old evil so powerful he would see the whole world as everyone knows it destroyed. Lirael and the Prince have to stop him but throughout this entire book the Prince is a cowerd because hes having a self identity crisis and Lirael is not exactly a cheerful person.

This book fares up quite badly to its predecessor. It lacks the same humor as it trys to be serious about the story its telling but that doesn’t really start happening till the last book, so it seems caught between not funny and not serious, which equalls boaring and overinformative. Lireals backstory is the first quater of the book and the princes story pre the grand adventure is another quater, so half the book is just backstory, but as this is the biggest book of the series and it and the last book are practically inseperable, i coud forgive it. I would, if Garth hadn’t put a break in the story just for the sake of makeing a thrid book and himself some extra Australian Dollars. I hate that!

I really can get connected to the charatures in this book and understand well what they are thinking and feeling and i know how they’ll react to something before i read it. Garth is very good at connecting you to his charatures, but he spends so long in this book talking about emotions and feelings that i was over run by the amount of things going on in the charatures head. This and the adventuring made almost for an overcrowded book, but i think he just avoided that catatruphy. Plus, Lirael creats a talking dog who is very adventurous, protctive, loyal but also a little disobediant, but only in an inocent way. My favorite bit of the book was when she met Moggot and they instantly didn’t get along due to there mysterious past, but they argue from that point on like an old bitter divorsed couple. Its brillinat reading!

So, my judgment. What shall i give Lireal…I will say a 4/10 and no gold star. This is because i think its not a 5 because its not half way to the perfect book but instead is probably exactly half the book Sabriel was, which makes it a 4. The reason for no gold star, aka. doesn’t have my recomendation, is because it is integral as the centural part of the series and must be read to understand the ending in any way what so ever, but, due to the time gap given between Sabriels story and this one, it can be read as a new story in its own right and in this case i would call it boaring, long and definatly not deserving of your money. A great read in parts, but not worth buying on its own.

That Other Guy

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