Its EpicMineCraftTime

Hi everyone. On the request of my friends Callum and Ben, I am going to review their youtube channel and facebook page called EpicMineCraftTime. If you haven’t guessed by now, its the classic yogscast style of recorded game play and commenting on Minecraft, which, for those of you who don’t know, is a creative ‘build your own house and make stuff’ game in the day, by mining, and ‘surviving spiders and zombie attack’ game by night, by mining with torches!

So anyway, my friends began this channel only two weeks ago and it’s already taken off very well. I’m not going to compare the quality or content in any way to yogscast who are the masters of minecraft videos, but EpicMineCraftTime is a lot better than some of the other channels I’ve seen. For instance, they don’t cheat, but they do take the challenges seriously while always focusing on having fun and acting natural. There relaxed but committed style makes them genuinely entertaining and they have even already inspired another to post vids on youtube.

Right from the start your invited to relax with a simple opening of a one liner, like helllooo, or more recently, whats up internetz’s. So far they’ve done survival island and hells gate to the best of their ability, aka getting lucky, just completing the challenges and finally burning or blowing up mostly everything in special episodes. They’ve done Man vs Creeper which didn’t last long as their guest didn’t continue. They are currently doing two maps; Ben and Callum are doing a floating island map between them, and with Lana, their special guest and Callum’s girlfriend, their building their own multiplayer map called SKYHOLD, not to be confused with Elder Scrolls Skyrim, which is basically an awesome floating castle and temple to the “Holy Dawg”.

My favorite series has got to be when they did Mysteria, the first episode. They got to the end of the first stage and pulled the lever that sets off the TNT, but instead of doing what the games meant to do, half the map blew up and the genuine surprise and “WTF” moment that followed couldn’t have been any better, even if it had been scripted or planned in any way. Got to be the funniest moment ive ever seen happen on Minecraft and completely a EpicMineCraftTime original moment!

So, to you people who are bored right now, or reading this at work, at home, on a bench somewhere or in a cargo hold on the way to the country. Where ever or who ever you are you will love these guys so I suggest you subscribe to their youtube channel ASAP as trust me, these guys are not to be missed. 9/10 and a gold star!

That Other Guy

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