3 thoughts on “Reliably Unreliable…

  1. For those who have read this and voted very low, I just want to ask you, did you read it all the way through, or were you just angry that it was about you…?

    Read the 2nd to last paragraph (Starting “Frankly?”) – then read it again. And again if you must.
    It pretty much disagrees that these people are unworthy etc. It explains that I understand that things get in the way, and that nobodys perfect, and its because of this, that I still love them.

    Everyone has their own issues to contend with on a day-in-day-out basis and they cannot always be compared. My blog is my way of venting anger that may otherwise have been directed at people in person, and that’s something I try to avoid.

    I stand by my blog 100%. After all, we’re all entitled to our opinions.


    1. As do I. The whole point is that we here are giving our honest opinions on matters and if the readers don’t like this, then they shouldn’t be reading our reviews.

      Furthermore, if you are going to comment or leave an opinion, make sure you’ve actually read the post fully, before doing so. I find Haggis’s actions admirable and, given the fact that he stands by them in the face of adversity, applaud-able.

      Although I may disagree with the way in which he’s written the first paragraph of his comment (please make it more subtle next time), his overall message is one we should all remember.

      Life reviews are some of those that can get people with you or against you and I’m sad to say that both Haggis and I have experienced both sides of this. Any of you remember ‘That Guy’s Christmas 2011’? My review of Christmas? That was the one where my mum wouldn’t talk to me for a week because she saw it as a personal attack. Only after I wrote an apology, although filled with personal attacks (I’ll add it to a separate page for a week if anyone wants me to) and my usual method of deploring someone for the most minor of details, would she talk to me again…

      So, life’s a bitch. We all know it and mumble it from time to time, but we here stand firm and will shout out how bitchy it is. Just don’t have a go at us if you’re too cowardly to do it yourself…

      That Guy


  2. Alright, yeah I can see why this may have cause some offence but in all fairness Haggis’s penultimate paragraph does cover himself pretty well. Maybe he should’ve made it clearer, it does look like it’s stuffed at the end and it is a small paragraph, but if people would’ve read it as a whole instead of getting caught up with the bad stuff then they would’ve seen that no offence is meant. We should always finish reading something before we make a comment on it.


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