That Guy’s Oscar Ceremony 2012

First of all, I’m basing all of these awards on past performances and plot readings. I haven’t seen all of the films and as such, I have to judge them entirely on what I believe I would have thought about them if I had. The same goes for actors. I know how they’ve acted in the past and based on the little clips I’ve seen, I can judge them to a certain degree. All nominations are the OFFICIAL 2012 Oscar nominations, so, in essence, these are my predicted results.

I wish every participant good luck for the actual Oscar Awards.

Let’s begin, shall we?

Best Picture

Nominations: Hugo, Midnight In Paris, Moneyball, The Tree Of Life, War Horse, The Help, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, The Descendants, The Artist.

When I first saw the plot for the winning film, I was sceptical. Over the next few days, I contemplated whether or not I would watch it, given the choice. The premise, was, I decided, worthwhile and the story heart-warming, as well as inspiring. All I can say, is that I’m amazed that horse jumped onto the moving tank (a clip I saw on the 6 o’Clock BBC News).

Winner: War Horse

Best Director

This was a tough choice. Having chosen War Horse as the best film, I almost felt compelled to have Spielberg as the best director, but because I cover my bases, I decided that The Artist was a close contender. As such, I have to give the award to them.

Winner: Michel Hazanavicius – The Artist

Actor In A Leading Role

Nominations: Demian Bicher (A Better Life), George Clooney (The Descendants), Jean Dujardin (The Artist), Gary Oldman (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy), Brad Pitt (Moneyball).

I had never even heard of two of these before, so to be honest, they didn’t have a chance, even if one of them did put on a comical performance in the trailers I have seen. However much I’m probably going to hate myself for saying no to Gary Oldman, I’m having to go with Jean Dujardin. His silent movie style dancing and the whole trailer thing with the dog cracked me up the first few times.

Winner: Jean Dujardin

Actress In A Leading Role:

Nominations: Glenn Close (Albert Nobbs), Viola Davis (The Help), Rooney Mara (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo), Meryl Streep (The Iron Lady), Michelle Williams (My Week With Marilyn).

I despise myself for doing this, but I had to consider this one quite heavily. Base it on what I’ve seen, or what I’d expect to see. Do I give it to the woman who seeks to replace a brilliant Swedish Actress, or the woman who was portraying the worst thing to happen to UK politics since UK politics…

Winner: Meryl Streep

Actor In A Supporting Role:

Nominations: Kenneth Brannagh (My Week With Marilyn), Jonah Hill (Moneyball), Nick Nolte (Warrior), Christopher Plummer (Beginners), Max Von Sydow (Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close).

This was a 2-man race for me. The one that makes me laugh or the one that makes me sit on the edge of my seat? Well, it was his role in Hamlet that made me decide this one. Great actor, if a little obnoxious.

Winner: Kenneth Brannagh

Actress In A Supporting Role:

Nominations: Berenice Bejo (The Artist), Jessica Chastain (The Help), Melissa McCarthy (Bridesmaids), Janet McTear (Albert Nobbs), Octavia Spencer (The Help).

Having never seen ANY of these women in action (to my knowledge), I’m afraid that I have to judge this entirely on the one thing I can give an honest and fair opinion of. The looks. That cut the list down to two, but since I can give a fairer opinion of the second, I have to choose her.

Winner: Jessica Chastain

Animated Feature Movie:

Nominations: A Cat In Paris, Chico and Rita, Kung Fu Panda 2, Puss In Boots, Rango.

I’ve seen one of these and it’s the only one I have ever had any interest in watching, but is that a story of a boot wearing feline, or a martial arts bear? Maybe it’s the feline Parisian adventures that I enjoyed, or whatever the hell Chico and Rita is about. Nope. You guessed it.

Winner: Rango


Nominations: The Artist, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Hugo, The Tree Of Life, War Horse.

Not seen ANY of these films either, so to be honest, I can possibly judge this fairly. So, based on trailers, adverts and other forms of publicity. I have decided.

Winner: The Artist

Since the remaining awards are for the behind the scenes, yet on-screen, stuff, I won’t list the nominations, but the full list can be found here.

Art Direction: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

I just love the way they managed to make the final battle between Harry and Voldemort feel like a WW1 battlefield. Maybe it was Radcliffe’s role in a, what I have somehow connected to, Rudyard Kipling story, set in World War One that made me think it, but it was definitely a brilliant scene.

Costume Design: Hugo

I like the clothes that the kid with the heart-shaped lock wears. Call me sad, but I want one.

Directing: The Artist

It can’t be easy directing a silent movie. Well done to them!

Documentary Feature: Hell and Back Again

Sounds like a journey Meatloaf would go on for love. Must be a good documentary.

Documentary Short: God is the Bigger Elvis

Very controversial title, so I’d rather watch that than any of the others.

Film Editing: The Artist

Editing a film to make it into a silent movie would be tough. Getting the colour tones right would be hell.

Foreign Language Film: Iran ‘A Separation’

Not sure.

Makeup: Albert Nobbs

They made two women look like men. GOOD WORK!

Music (Original Score): The Adventures Of Tintin

It’s John Williams. ‘Nuff said.

Music (Original Song): Man or Muppet (THE MUPPETS)

I like the Muppets.

Short Film (Animated) : La Luna

Cool title.

Short Film (Live Action): Time Freak

Cool title.

Sound Editing: War Horse

Creating and editing the sounds of a horse in a war zone would be tough and dangerous. Good work and congratulations for trying.

Sound Mixing: War Horse

Same as above, but mixing the sounds into a realistic battle from World War One would have been a task on epic proportions.

Visual Effects: Rise of the Planet of the Apes

The monkeys were followed by every eye on-screen. That’s good effects!

Writing (Adapted Screenplay): Hugo

Can’t have been that bad…

Writing (Original Screenplay): The Artist

How more original in this era can you get?

Congratulations to all our winners and a hearty ‘better luck next time’ to our runners-up. I eagerly await the actual awards, but until then, be free to comment on what I’ve thought and tell us if you think I’m right or wrong. If this is a popular post, I’ll consider doing it for the main award shows over the next few years.

That Guy

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