Welcome Back Haggis

There are few times when an offer of returning is accepted. This is one of those times.

I was sat here peacefully and relaxed in extreme agony barely moments ago (my arm hurts), when my good friend Haggis decided he’d come onto Skype. He’s had a busy week and it was FINALLY time for us to get him back onto our team.

Haggis, although a scarce writer, is a good writer. He has his ups and his downs, like the best of us. Benny missed him, You missed him and I missed him, even if I was talking to him on Skype almost every night since he left, as well as introducing him to Star Trek Online.

Long story short, is that everyone here at That Guy That Reviews Stuff, have sorely missed working with Haggis. It may be an unpaid job, but it’s OUR unpaid job. There are few people I would trust to take the spot and even less I would have considered paying to do it, given the right conditions. Haggis is one of them.

You may have guessed now, that I am just rambling on. Why? One condition of his return, is ‘an epic welcome back’ post. Now, I’m trying, but to be honest, I can only do so much by myself. What would truly make it epic, would be a message from all of his fans, as comments, on this post, to welcome him back. Can you all do that for me, Haggis and everyone here?

Welcome back Haggis. Welcome back…

That Guy

PS. Genuinely, please comment.

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