She Will Be Loved – Maroon 5

Maroon 5. Singers of Moves Like Jagger. I sort of liked that, but what about this? Let’s find out.

So that you know, this is next in my music series. I am about half-way through and if you can tell me what the theme is, you’ll get to have a special post written about anything you choose, by anyone you want. So far, no correct answers. Answer by comment or email. Terms and conditions apply. Calls cost £1 a minute with 95p going to server costs.

Yeah – Like we have a telephone number.

So, to the review. I’m going to tell you right now, that I don’t like this song. It had one redeeming feature and that is the title, which, when sang, sounds spectacular in however high a pitch voice you sing it. I asked Benny and Haggis to have a go, separately, on Skype, and it was hilarious. You get them both attempting to do it in a modest pitch, but it gets uncontrollable. They’ll never live this down…

Ok – so why don’t I like this song? It’s too crap. But random me saying THAT, but to be honest, it’s true. The words fit the tempo, but the tempo’s too varied to find any real consistency within the song at all. You half expect the music to turn all… dodgy.

So – because it’s got women in, the video must be great, right? Wrong. From what I gather, the lead singer had this dodgy thing happening between a woman and her mother, after finding her laying on the floor after being attacked by her lover. he gets conflicting opinions and sings on stage for a while. Shit happens.

So, why is that bad? Because it suggests, to morons, that if you see someone who you care about being abused, you can write a shitty song and start dating your lover’s mother. NO! You don’t get away with that shit!

So, since I’m tired and I don’t want to waffle on, here’s my score.


That Guy

2 thoughts on “She Will Be Loved – Maroon 5

    1. However entitled you are to an opinion… You’re wrong.

      (For those of you who think I’m reading a lot into one word and a smiley, we are currently conversing via e-mail. It’s all legit!)

      That Guy


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