Fade -A poem by me!

Hello everyone, again for the second time today. Just an update before my poem. Up till now you may have noticed spelling mistakes in my work, and this is because and i make no excuse for it; I am a 18 year old who cant spell.  That Guy has been making an effort to hide all my spelling mistakes, but there is a chance he may have overlooked something that would have interrupted your reading flow, and for this we both say sorry. Sorry. But hopefully, that will all end now as I have Google chrome with a spell checker built in, so please enjoy the correctly spelt material.

Friends laughing, talking, chatting.
They live out their happiness around me.
Around me, silent and still.
I guess company really does love misery.
I sigh as I write this.
I know they know not what i feel,
or maybe they do and they hide it better,
Maybe my friendships should be surreal.
I feel less intelligent as I accompany myself with these people.
These people, who would gladly have me around; i feel so guilty.
Its like I’m abusing their time and patients and they only tolerate me
like a pokey reporter on T.V.
Silent for a long time as if it’s not my turn to talk,
then lights, camera, action, five minuets of fame,
asking question after question but remaining distance so once again i fade,
back to the silence of my own thoughts again.
Thinking my time with these people is borrowed.
I’m a tag along, a hang about, a true lone wolf and invisible.
My words lost to the dull roar of the conversation,
like my friendships are all just part of my imagination.
In time I will fade……
we all fade….sad…..
to wast away…….the words of a page……..

3 thoughts on “Fade -A poem by me!

  1. you shouldn’t actually. You did a very good job of fixing my failures, indeed, well done good sir. I commend you!


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