MadManTed is back!!!

     Right, I’d like to begin by saying a big sorry for not posting my review what seemed a milenia ago but today I’ve got my results from my exams, which marks the restart of my reviewing career (I got 2 Bs!!). So here we are, where to go from here…for some reason I’ve got back into the 60’s rocker culture again, so today I came to college today in my biker jacket and original rockabilly music blaring from my iPod on the way in. So it only seems logical to review something relating to rockers.

     Right, I’d love to review an original BSA or Triumph, but seeing as I am an a-level student, and thus poor, you’ll have to settle for another music review. So here goes, today, ladies and gentlemen, I am going to review The Story of the Rockers by Gene Vincent. This is a classic rocker/rockabilly  number by a classic and legendary artist. I’m going to start by point out that there is going to clear bias as Gene Vincent is one of my all time favorite artists (Say Mama is another beauty of a song). So the song is made up of the stereotypical I-IV-V progression that has made up literally countless blues, early rock, rockabilly, country and folk songs.

     The essential lyrical makeup of this song is a narration of the development of original rock n’ roll (I get so angry when people referred to bands like Oasis as rock n’ roll…THEY WEREN’T!!) and the artists that made up that development and popularisation. He starts with a reference to undoubtedly one of the most famous rock n’ roll acts to have ever walked this planet, Bill Haley and His Comets. If you haven’t heard Rock Around the Clock, I highly suggest that you leave this review right now and listen to it, it isn’t hard to find, c’mon even my mum knows it, you should be ashamed it you don’t! Anyway, that’s the first two lines sorted…next to be mentioned is the ‘king’ (although, I must admit, when the King is mentioned I automatically think of BB King…the real king in my eyes…) and if you don’t know who I am referring to as the ‘king’, leave right now…and never come back (or alternatively finish and come back when ever you feel like it, actually, please don’t leave, I need the views!). Right, next up is Carl Perkins, although not the most famous of the rock n’ rollers…rockabilly artists…mentioned, he definitely deserves his due. Blue Suade Shoes, another absolute classic, covered and made famous by the ‘king’…guess who wrote the original…yep…Mr. Perkins (to find an amazing rockabilly jam, type Carl Perkins and Friends into Youtube, beautiful stuff). Chuck Berry, what can be said about the father of rock n’ roll, well…quite a lot actually, but you really don’t want to read me ranting out him. But if you haven’t heard Oh Baby Doll, I highly recommend it! Right, Little Richard, one of the bests in the field of rock n’ roll. I honestly have no idea where to begin with Little Richard, he is one of the best and one of my favorites, nuff said. Right, Jerry Lee Lewis, I do apologise to any fans of said artist, but he is easily my least favorite of the artists. I have no idea what it is I don’t like, but I’m sorry Mr. Lewis.

     Anyhow, I’ve realised I’ve just descended into telling you about singers, not the song, it’s a great song, give it a listen…please?


P.S. If you want to see a full review/comment, tell me so in the comments and I’ll see if I can get round to it…ADIOS!!

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