Welcome Pooeyyeoop1

I wish to welcome our, primarily, music reviewer. Pooeyyeoop1 is a big fan of music and hopefully, will be a great asset.

What can I say about pooeyyeoop1 Well, I know him in real life and to be honest, he’s a bit of a douche. Not in the good way. I mean, full on douche. Why am I adding him to the blog? Because he can write. Not well, mind, but well enough for my evil needs. I don’t like him, you won’t like him and to be honest, I think his taste in music is mostly shite. Matter of opinion. What do I know? I’m only a music reviewer!

I jest of course. Pooeyyeoop1 is a great writer and will be truly amazing for us all here, as I’m sure you’ll soon see.

From all of us here at That Guy That Reviews Stuff, welcome to the team!

That Guy

PS. For those of you who may be confused about the capitalising of all but one version of the name pooeyyeoop1, it is because the actual name does not have capitals in and I refuse to stop being grammatically accurate because of someone else’s preferences. Ha!

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