No Woman No Cry – Bob Marley

Next in my current review series is ‘No Woman No Cry’ by Bob Marley. Never listened to this before, but since it’s in my series, let’s have a butchers anyway shall we?

No Woman No Cry. The four words you’ll be hearing for best part of 2/7 of this song. Why? it’s his favourite phrase, it seems. Seems legit.

So, he’s singing about a woman not crying, right? I don’t know. Sounds about right to me. Suitable topic for a song as well, considering the stereotypical view of women. I don’t endorse it, but we’ve all seen crying women, right?

So, what’s the song like? Well, imagine Bob Dylan, in a Jamaican accent. You can understand half the words and it’s sang to a relaxed beat. What more can you want? Well, I want a bit of action in this song. It’s too relaxed. Maybe I’m being a bit stupid, but I want a fast paced song. I’m sick of slow songs. So very sick of them.

Well, there’s got to be a few decent lyrics right? Well, I wouldn’t know. I catch a word every now and then. I think I just heard government and feet, but I don’t know. I definitely heard ‘No Woman No Cry’ and ‘Everything’s Gonna Be All Right’. Fine by me. Just wish it would, in fact, be all right. Ah well.

The video! Well, the only one I found that seemed to not be a fan made video and it was of him prancing about on stage to the song. Cool moves Bob. Cool moves.

So, what do I think of this song? Well, it’s all right I guess. I wouldn’t listen to it if I had a choice, but as of this moment, I do, so it’s all good. Huzzah.

If I had to give it a score, which I do, it’d have to be…


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