Sex And Candy – Marcy Playground

Another new song from my current series. Sex and Candy, by Marcy Playground. What’s it like?

What the hell? It’s like the slowest, weirdest song of all time, ever. It’s so surreal and unreal and realistically mental that it works.

I have no feckin’ clue what its about, but that doesn’t matter, because the lack of lucidity makes it all work as though it’s Katy Perry laying naked on, like, a Donner kebab. Just sayin’.

So, it’s slow and relaxed, but there is pace as well. The drums are quick and the words flow badly, but work. I can’t explain it, but it sounds great at the same time as seeming like shite on a stick. How?

Lyrically, it’s superb. The whole idea of it all being a dream works well with the¬†unreality¬†of the video and the tune. Favourite words? You guessed it. ‘Mama this surely is a dream…’

Video? Well, it’s messed up and has a spider in it. Great. I hate spiders, but the lack of proximity makes it work. Good work Marcy. Good work indeed.

It’s missing something, but it sounds good. Add that kebab and I think it’d be perfect.


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