Abandoned Directors- Minecraft style

Hi everyone. Now you may remember from a little while back i introduced you all to Callum and Ben and there EpicMineCraftTime series. Now im going to admit some bias here as i know Callum, and have done for a very long time, so i did that for him as a friend does for another friend. Only, another friend of mine saw the review; that i was very happy with. Then he asked me to review his, which did not… well, did not make me smile. He says he can only expect a honest review which is the correct way to think about it and no matter what i write when ive finished this, i still erge you to visit his youtube channel, if for nothing else than just to boost his rateings because i’m going to be honest. Doesn’t mean i have to be happy about it though.

So, here i go. Abondened Directors is a Minecraft series on youtube and quite honestly, i was looking forward to it, then they posted there first video and well, its like when your introduced to your long lost brother and he turnes out to be your Primary school bully. It was crap, and i felt bad when i was watching it, but not for them, but for putting myself through this seemingly endless torture just so i could call myself a good friend.The series began in its first two episodes as three people, though quite honestly i only noticed two playing at a time. I wasn’t even sure if all three were there the whole way through. The Choreography or script between these three was non-exsistant, and in a very bad way. They had problems even sticking together throughout the game play, or working or commenting in any way as a unit.

One of them just seemed to rage from the word go without quiting. I swear youtube is meant to be a PG audiance, surly. Also, as if the players and the game play wasn’t good enough, the recording was absolutly shit as well! The voices of the players fluctuate widly from wispers to shouts and the quality was avrage, at best! You could here keyboard typeing quite clearly in the background and a T.V. of all things. Whenever there was a silent moment i found myself listening to Barry Bloody Scott! And worst of all, there was a zooming problem, in that the image zoomed in of its own accord to its own prejudged lengths, and the guy recording didn’t even seem to notice!

Anyway, after these first two videos, my friend went solo on the channel, without actually ever announcing hes gone solo. He uses his own intro, made by another ‘Director’ and thats probebly the only trully ejoyable bit of the whole video. The guys voice is so monotone it could bore a hourse to the ground, and whats worse than that? I’ll tell ya, the guys not funny. He doesn’t even try to be funny, and if he is trying, OMG!

The vidos are unentertaining and boarish. I might watch one again volentarily if my ansomnia starts to kill me, but only at that point. He spends ages reading the signs and rules to every map he does, and then procedes as if he had never even seen the signs. He lacks a basic ability to follow what seem to be even the simplist instructions and when he makes an absolute cock up of things, he calls it a fail, or an epic fail but i don’t ever know if hes refering to the game or himself, and i know which one he should be refering to.

Now the next point i’m going to make, in fairness, is something weve all done. If a gap just seems that bit too big or a task just too difficult, we stick God mode on, activate our mods and cheat. Its fine, I’ll admite even ive done it, but this guy doesn’t just cheat, he cheats alot. The only thing he seems to be any good at is what he is amazing at which is parcore, but he claims to hate it, i think because everyone else does and hes giving into peer pressure, but im not mummying! Everything else and some parcore as well, he cheats at and he doesn’t even cheat well. He’s so bad at cheating ive only seen him once use God mode. I mean if your gonna cheat do it properly and not make life harder for yourself!

Now to pick on a few specific videos. One is his survival series video 1, in which he teaches you how to survive your first day. If i follow his instructions as he showed them to me, then im meant to run around aimlessly for a bit, then punch down a few trees, turn all the wood into wooden planks and proceed to build an ambitiously large house on the firt bit of flat land i see. Then its sunset and i realise i bearly have enough planks for a two block high wall to my house layout, i have no wood or planks left to my name, no tools or crafting table, no shelter, it my first time on the game and here come the zombies!

The other video series i want to pick on is the one he’s doing right now which is the total wipe out map. Hes doing this map after he was moned at by EpicMineCraftTime to stop doing the same maps as them. So, this new series is now 2 episodes long and is still prity Crap, but better than the others. He is starting to get a feel for doing a Minecraft channel on youtube but he still needs alot of practice before it will be anywhere near good.

I forgot to mention earlier, the first and second episodes also included skype convosations about title sequences and other stuff that i didn’t want to really hear about in a play through. Do that on your own time! Also there was massive lag and even disconections from the server! That is so unprofessional to record in those cercumstances its unreal. To think the person who posted these had them on the editing screen and saw fit to leave them as they are, this person must be death and blind or just plain stupid, and i dont use that word lightly!

So all in all, i think you readers should feel sorry for me for all i went through just to give you this. But then again the sensible and nasty readers out there will rightly say you didn’t ask me to do this. No, you didn’t, my friend did, and whatever happens, i will always try to be a good friend. God help me….


That Other Guy

5 thoughts on “Abandoned Directors- Minecraft style

  1. Ok, and just to my friends who judged me for writing this review sheding a poor light on my friends Channel, i just wanted to point out:
    a) I never told any lies, every point is true! and
    b) This is only my opinion from which your meant to watch my friends channel and form your own opinion.

    And if your wondering from (b) what makes a reviewer good if people can ignore his/her opinion and just form there own, well:
    1) This is a democracy with freedoms so you have free will to form your own opinions, and
    2) What makes a good reviewer is if his/her opinion is the most popular,because in a democracy, such as ours, popular equals best. Think about it, its true….


    1. I have to side with Ben here. If you’re not happy with a particular review, then let us know, but if we genuinely think we’ve been fair, then we’re going to leave it the way it is. it’s only those we wrote in anger, like my first Minecraft review, that we’ll change and even then only because we’re nice. Get over yourselves people. We’re gonna write what we think regardless of what you think. The sooner you accept that, the better.

      That Guy


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