? and Simon’s Cat

Hi everyone. Today, i’m in a dilemma as i can’t decide what to review. I haven’t even put the title yet! First i wanted to review Minecraft. I haven’t reviewed this up to now because That Guy has already done it so it seemed a little redundant, but now iv’e reviewed two minecraft youtube channels, i thought it might be good to let everyone know, that i know, what i’m going on about. Then i thought, as i don’t actually own minecraft, that maybe i should review another youtube channel. Then i thought about going back to my roots and reviewing another book/series. So, iv’e decided to do all three and all i now need to do, is decide an order. Annoyingly, you already know what iv’e chosen to do as youv’e read the title, or i can just not put a title….Whahahahahaha……

OK, i decided on a youtube channel. I have picked the extreamly popular and amazingly funny Simon’s Cat. If you have not watched any of Simon Tolfeilds work, then i advise you do straight away. Basically, Simon Tolfeild is a guy who has a lot of cats. He loves cats and all there funny ways and strange oddities. He loves these things about cats so much, he decided to use his animation skills to create a youtube series about a relationship between him and this imaginary cat, who i can’t decide whether is from heaven or hell. The cat does things that seem to put Simon through hell, but its this hell, based on what Simon’s real cats put him through, that gives him the inspiration to make us all laugh so much.

From Cat-man-do to Kitten chaos, i have loved his series all the way through. The animation is simple and not too detailed, but that’s what makes it so easy to watch and if you have or have ever had a cat, then you’ll know, practically everything that Simon portrays is things real cats do. It is relate-able and that makes it believable, even when Simon uses more extream examples to enthisise something or just for comic effect. Even the theme is simple and the dialog consisting of meows, grunts from Simon (rarely speaks) and the recurring theme of begging for food, just helps add to the brilliance and universal nature of the entertainment that is Simon’s cat.

So, to conclude, i my opinion, Simon’s cat is truly the best youtube channel out there today for pure animated entertainment and a good mannered laugh at both cats oddities and Simon’s expense. So, with that opinion of mine in mind, it is a honor for me to award my first 10/10 to the well deserved Simon Tolfeild and Simon’s cat.

That Other Guy

2 thoughts on “? and Simon’s Cat

    1. In my opinion… I prefer our titles to have a link to the majority of the review in question and as such, should reflect what we are reviewing. You are reviewing Simon’s Cat, based on my very cursory reading, and as such, I renamed it accordingly. HA!


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