6 Celebrity Berserk Buttons you DO NOT want to push

Berserk buttons. We all have them. They are the things that piss us off the most. When they are pushed people can go insane, we get violent and angry. Celebs are no different, there are somethings you do not say in interviews, in fact, there are some things so bad that they’re actually banned from interviews. Tonight we’re here to honour those niggling little things that piss off our favourite celebrities, so join me as we count down the top 6 celebrity berserk buttons

6) If you value your face you will not accuse Buzz Aldrin or Patrick Moore of lying

Possibly the biggest conspiracy theory, the moon landing of 1969 has been around for more than 40 years. It’s no surprise then that everybody involved is not completely fed up with people constantly accusing them of faking the whole thing. This is exactly what happened in 2002 when Buzz Aldrin and his daughter were approached by filmmaker Bart Sibrel who had previously made a film claiming that the moon landings were all just a big hoax. Sibrel marched up to the Aldrin’s and demanded that Buzz swear on the Bible that he landed on the moon, when Aldrin refused and promptly told him to piss off and leave his family alone, Sibrel called him a coward, a liar and a thief. It was at this point that Aldrin really got annoyed and promptly punched Sibrel square in the face. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZOo6aHSY8hU

Hell, even Patrick Moore, mild-mannered presenter of The Sky At Night isn’t above this. On QI Alan Davies mentioned how he had been working with Moore on a program about space when he, casually, asked Moore whether the moon landing actually happened. Moore responded by saying that yes it did happen, he had worked on the NASA project and was so pissed off with the constant allegations that he never wanted to see Davies again and that if he did he would be sick in his eye.

File:Sir Patrick Moore.jpg

Do Not fuck with the MooreMeister…


5) Mentioning the Exorcist to Linda Blair with bring down a world of pain

The Exorcist is one of the scariest movies of all time and it made Linda Blair a household name. Her portrayal as little, possessed Reagan is one of the most iconic in all of film. Mentioning it in front of Linda Blair is not a good idea. Why? Because she is one of the biggest cases of typecasting in history. Poor Linda Blair became addicted to drugs after the Exorcist, she’s done so many other things in her career. This isn’t the sort of typecasting that destroys careers, she was a child actress it had very little bearing., but the film is such a massive hit, she a cultural phenomenon that it overshadows everything that Blair has done since. Linda doesn’t take kindly to the film being mentioned to her face, not because she didn’t like the film but because it is the only thing people remember her for. So close is her affiliation with the film that she can never escape it. It’s like a vortex, sucking down everything else Blair has ever done. And she HATES it.



4) For the love of God do not remind Jodie Foster of the attempt on President Reagan’s life

In 1976 Taxi Driver came out starring Jodie Foster as an underage prostitute who Robert DeNiro saves from a life of debauchery. Watching the film in a theater somewhere in America was one John Hinckley Jr. Hinckley became obsessed with the young Foster and started stalking her while she was at Yale studying for her degree. Hinckley phoned her multiple times and then, in 1981,  Hinckley attempted to impress Foster by trying to assassinate President Reagan, injuring the President and 3 others. The media flooded Yale and for the next few years Foster’s part in the attack was constantly under question. It got so bad that, when Foster found out that the incident would be mentioned in the introduction to an interview, Foster cancelled. She only began to get back into acting when she took a role alongside the legendary Peter O’Toole and went onto star in Silence of the Lambs.

3) Alec Guiness will destroy your childhood if you talk to him about Star Wars

Ahhh Obi-Wan, the legendary mentor who helped guide young Luke to be a great and powerful jedi and destroy the evil Empire. Surely this must have been one of Alec Guinesses favourite films. Not only did he get to play a crucial character,  but the film went onto be incredibly successful. Well…No, not at all. Guiness HATED Star Wars with a passion. He was a serious Shakespearean actor. He was an artist and as far as he was concerned this cheat, low-budget, piece of childish crap was far, far beneath him, he called it ‘Banal’ and ‘Mumbo Jumbo’. He and George Lucas did not get on well, Guiness thought he was an amateur. Even when it came to fans Guiness couldn’t stand any mention of the film and his part in it. He threw out Star Wars related fan mail unopened and in his autobiography claimed that he had deliberately asked for Obi-Wan to be killed off just so he could have a smaller part in the films. Not only that but he also recounted how a young Star Wars fan had approached him asking for an autograph, claiming that he had seen the film a hundred times.


Guiness replied that he would sign the boy’s autograph but only if he promised never to watch Star Wars again. The boy cried and Guiness got a verbal beat down by the boy’s mother. Guiness should’ve known better, after all she did have the death sentence in 12 systems…

2) Jerry Lewis will make you weep if you ask about The Day The Clown Cried

I doubt any of you have ever heard of this film and there is very good reason for that, Jerry Lewis simply will not let you (he was a prominent comedian in the 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s and is still very popular with the French if your asking). The film is infamous, the story is offensive and the humour obviously misplaced. The story is as follows. A clown in Nazi Germany is arrested for drunkenly mocking Hitler and thrown into a concentration camp of some sort. There he meets two children and they become friends. The clown is given the job of leading children into the gas chamber. Eventually it comes the turn of the two children he befriended whereby he tries to save them…And fails miserably. He dies with them in the chamber. Seriously, the last shot is of the children laughing at his hilarious antics moments before the cyclon B kills them, the screen fades to black and the film ends…Well…Is it any wonder Jerry Lewis doesn’t talk about it? Over the years his opinion of it has changed drastically. In his autobiography published in the 80’s he said that all children should go to see the movie. 20 years later, he has banned anyone from watching the film (except an elite handful of friends). Lewis refuses to talk about it in interviews and when it was brought up in a recent appearance of his at a film festival he reacted far from well…The only known copy of the film is in Lewis’s possession. In a vault in his office, where it’s being taken care of by top men…

Along with the Twilight films and 3 generations of Care Bears movies…


1) Jon Lovitz will make you bleed if you make a Phil Hartman death joke

For this one, we need a good bit of back story. Phil Hartman was the guy who voiced Lionel Hutz, Troy McClure and others as well as starring in Small Soldiers. He was a great talent and he was taken from us all too soon. The tragedy began when Hartman’s wife, Brynn Omdahl, was introduced to drugs by long-term douchebag, Andy Dick. Dick is a crude comedian who makes jokes about race (having insulted both the jews and black people live on air), exposed himself multiple times and crashed William Shatner’s roast, where he licked Carrie Fisher’s face and others before groping a woman who wrote about it in her personal slot in the local paper. He has multiple legal offences, mainly traffic bu many others for assault, and his career is next to dead. In short Andy Dick is…a dick… So Dick introduced Brynn to cocaine and this seriously affected her marriage to Hartman. They fought and quarrelled constantly until, one fateful night, Brynn shot her husband twice in the head before taking her own life. The aftermath was immense. Actor and comedian Jon Lovitz was one of Hartman’s good friends and took over his slot on a radio talk show where he publically blamed Dick for Hartman’s death, saying that if Dick didn’t introduce Brynn to cocaine then he wouldn’t be there. Months later, Lovitz bumped into Dick in a bar where Dick confronted him, saying that he had no part in Hartman’s death, the two argued until Dick declared that he had ‘put the Hartman hex’ on him. At this point he walked off, Lovitz was pissed. The two met again at a comedy club where Lovitz angrily demanded an apology for the Hartman Hex incident. Dick denied he ever said it. Lovitz went berserk.

What happened next isn’t clear. Dick claimed Lovitz pushed him against a wall, Lovitz says he only punched him. Multiple other eyewitnesses, however, claim that Lovitz grabbed Dick’s head (giggle) and repeatedly slammed his face into the bar 4 or 5 times until Dick started to bleed and, let’s be honest people, can we really blame him?

I defy you to look at this face without wanting to take a baseball bat to it…




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