Three Hundred And Sixty Five

Yes. Three hundred and sixty-five. Three. Six. Five. 365. Why’s that so important? Oh, I dunno… Maybe it’s because THIS is the 365th post. You know the significance of that number? I hope so.

There’s 365 days in a year, WHICH MEANS that since we’ve been going for LESS THAN a year, we’ve done more than one post a day, on average, for the last 10 months and 25 days. Yes. 10 months and 25 days. That’s… well… That’s a lot of days.

Since this is our 365th post, I just want to thank all of the That Guy That Reviews Stuff writer, both those that have written and those that still do. Without your help, we couldn’t have reached this milestone. I also wish to thank you at home, or at the office, reading this, for making this such a worthwhile experience for the writers. We’ve been through some times, us lot, but here we are, through the thick and thin of it all, reading and writing.

Thank you.

Oh, and, here’s to the next 365 posts!

That Guy

2 thoughts on “Three Hundred And Sixty Five

    1. Oh, I’m aware of that, but as a rule, there’s 365.25 days in a year, I round to the nearest integer and as such, wrote about our 365th… *Sticks out tongue*


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