Welcome, Somakitsune

We’ve got another new writer. Yep. Another one. We’re really pulling these guys out of the hat lately, aren’t we?

Somakitsune, our newest member of the team, will, primarily, be reviewing games, but may, if he so wishes, review absolutely anything. Yeah. Anything. When I say anything, I mean… Well… ANYTHING!

I’ve noticed that I’m rambling about that which is not important to the topic and as such, will return to the matter at hand. Somakitsune, on behalf of everyone else of the That Guy That Reviews Stuff team and all of its followers, welcome to the family! If your first review, the one I’ve seen so far, is anything to go by, then you’re going to be a marvellous addition to our writing-pool!

That Guy

4 thoughts on “Welcome, Somakitsune

  1. Great to be here. ‘s a really nice site you have! 😀
    I’ll put up an entry in “The Team” with what I’m gonna be doing.
    I can’t wait to work with you guys. 😀


    1. Thanks. We’ve put a lot of effort into finding a decent pre-made theme to use and this was the best we saw.

      I look forwards to your entry and your first review. If I was you, I’d post the one you showed me… It was pretty good.

      I’m sure we’ll get along like a millionaire and a hooker, but hopefully, without the sex. If you ever need anything (other than sex), let me know and I’ll give you a hand… If you want sex, ask Benny… 😛


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