R.I.P. Greg Ham

Yet again, today, I have the displeasure of announcing another celebrity death, this time the Men At Work flutist, Greg Ham. I may, however, be jumping the gun, as he has not, at this moment, been confirmed as deceased.

Greg Ham was a pretty good flutist, based on my only real experience with Men At Work, with their song (Land) Down Under, which I’m sure you’ve all heard at some point. Over the last few months, I understand that Greg will have been under stress and pressure, particularly from the lawsuit in which it was ruled that some of his flute playing for the aforementioned song, was taken from Kookaburra Sits In The Old Gum Tree. Well, I’m saying to forget about this. I’m saying to forget that he may have accidentally taken a piece of music from another song. I’m saying let it go and let him be known for what he was good at. Playing music.

I read, today, that he was capable with the saxophone, organ, piano and the synthesiser, as well as the flute. Any man who can play that many instruments, should be remembered for music, not for scandals and that’s what I’m  saying we should do. Greg. You were great and someone of your musical ability will not come around for a long, long time.

Greg Ham
R.I.P. Greg Ham, 1953 - 2012

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