Bill Bryson- Notes from a Big Country

This is a book  I read a long time ago. I really sticks in my mind as it was actually the first piece of travel writing I read for entertainment instead of in a brocheur because I was either going to or at the place It was on about. Though, those brocheurs and travel guides are more advertisments written in a formal and faulcly attractive style, whereas this book was casual and fun, poking at the American way of life, In good and bad ways, from the point of view of an American who went back to live in America after rather a few years traveling, writing books like Bill Bryson: Down Under, Bill Bryson: Notes from a small island and so on and so forth……

The book is unique in that it’s written as articals. Each chapture is an artical that he wrote for a newspaper or magazine or something like that. Anyway, in this book he tells of the story of how he was told to make the book from the articals as an intro. The book is actually about Bill’s reintergration into American society from a village in New Hamptonshire. His short tales and written adventures cover many aspects of American society including becomeing an American, the tax system, the post office, the wood next to where he lives and pizza for breakfast. 

It is all written from a typically circa mid-life crisis male perspective, but that’s only because Bill at that point was a typicall mid-life crisis man, and its that honesty, that comes through to you with his humor that gives each story a belivability and gives each artical a real feel without too much contense or description. When he’s feeling bad, you feel it too in the writing. In essence, you go through the highs and lows of his American experiance with him. That’s what you get when you read articals, but the fact he’s been able to sucsessfuly transfer that effect into a book is just mind boggeling.

There isn’t really much more to say on the book. It has a very generall style and, urr…umm…the fonts good.

Well, i want to sum up this book with one fact. I read this book in just about two weeks and i’m a slow reader. Plus, it made me laugh! Not like, oh that was funny enough for a laugh so i’ll laugh laugh, but genuin LOL laughs, and thats all i look for in a book thats meant to be funny, so…


That Other Guy

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