Happy Birthday Bono!

OMG! It’s Bono’s Birthday! Bloody hell! How old is he? Who cares?!? IT’S HIS BIRTHDAY!

I’ve sort of been obsessed with Bono ever since doing my critical thinking course last year. Why? Well, we learnt about Tu Quo Que, the argument flaw, which uses the idea that because you do something, so can I. In essence, Tu Quo Que = You Too, which we made to equal U2, which, as we all know, is Bono. Bono makes U2 and despite the other guys’ contributions, Bono is the faceman and we love it!

Ah. Bono. I can’t live with or without you, at least, not since you got that restraining order against me…

Bono! Here’s to a good many more years to follow!

Happy Birthday Bono!

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