If You Wanna – The Vaccines

I saw this song in an advert for some crappy show that I don’t like the look of, and instantly fell in love with the song. Why? Here’s why!

It’s upbeat in an unusual way. It’s not a happy topic, yet its very happy and upbeat, a bit like Tubthumping. I like Tubthumping as well…

So, lyrically, what’s the song about? A man telling his ex that she can go back to him if she wants. So, not that happy then? I wouldn’t say so.

What are the lyrics actually like though? Well, here’s my favourite lyrics:

‘Well, I don’t wanna see you with another guy
But the fact is that I may
That’s what all the friends
I do not like as much as you say’

By repeating the theme of the not-so-liked friends, the singer is demonstrating extreme fondness for the woman he sings to, whilst also rounding off each verse with great skill.

It’s basically a man that’s gone through a break up and wants his ex back. Can we blame him? Probably not…

Musically, the song is built around the drums. Sure, most are, but in this one, it’s noticeable. I mean, it’s the first and last instrument you hear and you can always hear it, even when the chorus kicks in and everything sort of jumps in your face and screams in your ear. It’s a good beat, too, something else you can bop to. I like bopping. Bopping is good.

The guitar sounds alright as well. Something about it makes it sound… Perfect, yet it doesn’t sound perfect.

Regardless, I like the song and so should you.


That Guy

‘But if you wanna come back it’s alright, it’s alright
It’s alright if you wanna come back ‘

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