Uncensored Pastures

I’m going to tell you a little story. Yes. This post is entirely a work of fiction, or is it?

Once upon a time, there was a man. This man had no name, but for the purposes of this story, we shall call him Rob. Rob was a man who was good at writing, but this writing kept being censored by the people he worked with. This annoyed Rob a lot, so he decided to quit his job and go into freelance writing. Rob spent many a month writing articles for websites, newspapers and various other locations in the media.

Sadly, Rob was let down by his occasional employers, who decided they no longer needed him to write for them. Rob was now unemployed, and left to trawl the internet whilst living a life in which he had virtually no money and could not find a job, due to the economic climate.

Then, one day, Rob found a website, a website in which the vast majority of the content, were reviews. Reviews without censorship. Reviews where whatever the writer wanted to write, could be written. Rob smiled, clicked on ‘Contact Us’ in the top right of the screen, and emailed the head-writer, before joining the site a few days later. He’s now happy, as he can write to his heart’s content. He is still unemployed, but now he has a chance to entertain himself whilst he’s unable to locate work. When he does find work, he’s likely to stay with the website, the website that saved his sanity at his time of need.

We don’t have any writers called Rob, here at That Guy That Reviews Stuff, but we don’t censor people either. As the head writer, I have not yet, over the last year, stopped anyone from writing anything they’ve wanted to write. If you want to write, write with us and join the writers that are the epitome of free-speech. Join That Guy That Reviews Stuff and join our ever-growing team of writers in the quest to create great reviews about all new forms of media.

This post is a work of fiction, so that your posts don’t have to be.

Join us. Join us and frolic on the meadows of uncensored writing.

Thank you.

That Guy

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