Wannabe – The Spice Girls

Well, I felt brave reviewing this in college. I really did. People on computers at both of my sides, unwilling to accept any justification for listening to this song… Scary!

Scary Spice
Or should that be Scary Spice?

So, a Spice Girls song. Why not, right?

This is probably the only song of theirs I can abide. Not sure why, to be honest. Maybe it’s the whole ‘they’re telling us how to get with them easily’ thing. I’m not gonna complain about that… I always liked Geri…

So, back to the review, before I try the knuckle-shuffle…

‘I’ll tell you what I want,
What I really really want,
So tell me what you want,
I wanna, I wanna,
I wanna, I wanna,
I really really wanna wanna zigga zig AH!’

Sorry, but what the hell is a ‘zigga zig ah’? I mean, seriously. What is it? I don’t know and to be honest, I’m reluctant to google it whilst I’m at college. You know what? I’ll ask James.

‘That’s my name.’
‘Pick a number.’
‘Thank you.’

So, he was useful. Guess I’ll have to look… I’m now going to show you the FIRST image that comes up from Google. I promise you, this is EXACTLY what the first image is. You ready? You sure? Ok… Here goes…

Zigga Zig Ah
Well, that was better than I hoped for…

I expected much MUCH worse. Thank the Google Lords for their mercy. Go on… THANK THEM!

Ok. So. I like the lyrics. Why? I don’t know. Something about it is a bit… Weird. I mean, sure, let’s tell guys to get with me through my friends. That’ll work. Guess what. That’s how my parents met. I am the first real side effect of that. DON’T FUCKING DO THAT!

Quite a simple song though. Quite simple, in terms of music. Typical poppy backing. Very typical. Also the occasional sounds of a woman going ‘ah’ or ‘ha’ or ‘huh’. I can’t decide which one yet. Regardless, the first and last options are my personal favourite. I beg you, tell me it’s one of those…

Yeah. I’ve seen the video to this song and I’m sorry to say that I will comment on it, whilst writing this. T

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