The Chain – Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac. The band that did the M & S (thank God I got THAT the right way round) advert music, Albatross. What about this song, eh? Let’s have a gander!

This isn’t just any song. This is a That-Guy certified good song with an awesome bassist, awesomer lead guitarist and mediocre lyrics, topped with the greatest bass guitar solo in That Guy’s memory. Yes. I went there.

So, why do I like this. It’s the music. ONLY the music. Like a lot of people, I first heard this during the BBC Formula One adverts and introduction, when they bought it from ITV. Best thing that happened to the sport, methinks, if you forget how close it was to that scandal about Max Mosley. NO! NO MORE NAZI SEX ORGIES! NO MAX! NO! (Please note, that although the allegations were denied and thrown out of court, I maintain that it COULD have happened. Smiley face!

So, when I heard the music and realised that this was a small bit of drumming, some light, repeated, bass guitar and then a kick-ass rhythm guitar piece, I damn near nearly jizzed in my pants. Not quite, but had THIS picture been there at the time, I might have…

What? I’m a man of good taste with many secrets. Get over it!

Tell me you wouldn’t…

So, for the lyrics. I hate them. It’s a whole 4 minutes 29 seconds of ‘if you don’t love me, you’ll never love me’. That’s not good lyrics. I mean, seriously. They’re THAT bad. I could envision hundreds of people sitting there, slitting their wrists to these lyrics. Luckily, my wrists are made of Pure Adamantium, so cannot, for the life of me, be cut by normal means. Lucky me. I have to suffer through this hell.

So, does the epic bit outweigh the shite? No. I don’t think it does. It’s great and all… Listen!

Bassline and Guitar!

But it’s not enough. Sorry Fleetwood. I really am.


That Guy

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