America Unchained- Dave Gorman

I love this book. This is the first book I’ve read and then immediately reviewed afterwards. Literally, I finished this book, oh, about 2 to 3 hours ago. I urge you to read this book as it’s in the Sunday Times top 10 bestseller list, or at least it was in 2006, and I agree absolutely that this book is brilliant!  

It began with Dave’s horrid tour of America as a stand up comic and the dull sameness of the corporate world he had been trapped in, going from chain hotel to chain hotel, from one white washed minimalist room to the next. This hellish trip made him want to go back and do a car journey of America, only this time on his own with no chains involved; just him, a car and the open road with mom and pap style comforts all the way. A dream…. The reality was he was cohered into making a film about it.

Now, i should explain that this book is a travel book (I really seem to love them recently) and that the book is about his road trip. Now, i’m not going to spoil the book for you, mostly because I feel the book is so good you should really go out and buy it, but also because there is so much to tell from this book that’s entertaining, funny and dramatic, that I could accidentally end up re-writing the book by mistake.

No joke though, this book is SO well written. I mean, it has true comedy, proper laugh out loud material, yet somehow it also manages in the next chapter to have heart stopping suspense and even  thrilling moments. I truly, honestly, felt like i was on the journey with Dave when I read this book. Every high in the adventure, I found myself happy and even elated, and every low i felt disheartened, angry and even, I think, nearly shed a tear, and that’s not something I (the living embodiment of a Vulcan) do lightly!

His chosen car, a 1970 Ford Torino:

A’int she a beauty.

The book has numerous ups and downs, immense finds and and terrible ‘hell holes’. The supposedly 3,000 mile journey from LA to NYC turned into a nearly 7,000 mile journey from LA to Georgia. There were successes, failures, chiropractors and tree houses, giant wooden dogs and Mormons, just to name a few things.

One connection i didn’t expect to make was a connection between Dave Gorman’s writing style and that of our very own That Guy. They became surprising similar at the end of the book and I must say, if you like That Guy’s work, your gonna love Dave’s! I give this Book a 10/10. Yes, it’s my first 10 I think (at least for a book) and also my gold star of recommendation. Read it. For the love of Joseph Smith, read it.

10/10 * (i Know its not Gold, but it’s the best  could do…)


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