Happy Birthday!

Ah. A birthday. I wonder whose birthday it is…



I am officially an adult today. What a wonderful thing that is. I mean, now, I can drink ‘tree points o’ Guinness’ in my local pub. (Read it in an irish accent – that’s how I meant it).

There ARE better things about being an adult, but I don’t know what they are. I am in the process of writing a post ABOUT my ascension to adulthood, but for now, here’s my post, wishing me a happy birthday. Oh what a glorious day. Just wish I didn’t have a damn Maths Exam. DAMN YOU AQA!

Regardless, I thank you all for what I hope will be a swarm of ‘Happy Birthday’s’, as well as any monetary gifts (hint hint) I may receive. You’re all wonderful people – especially you. No, not you. The pretty one.

Thank you all.

That Guy

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!

  1. Ah, happy birthday, good sir! Enjoy that Guinness, though don’t drink too much. One does weird things when drunk- for example, last time I did I went to a friend’s house and watched Disney movies until about 4 in the morning. 😛


    1. Sounds like fun, but I’ll take the advice with a huge thank you. I was PLANNING on going to the local pub this afternoon, but my drinking buddy hasn’t come back from town. Poor lad. Ah well…


  2. Yes, happy birthday and many happy returnes. I’ll give you your present today, thus the one day late reply.


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