Friends 2

Year 3-6. A new head bully and still no friends. I mean absolutely none at all. Not at school, not out of school or anywhere. I was officially the weird, mental boy. Every break and lunch i use to just walk around on my own. This is where i picked up my habit of talking to myself. If you had been all alone for seven years, you would probably pick up the habit to. I was regularly bullied so i would get angry so they could let me chase them and laugh at me.

I rarely ever got into a fight. Normally because i couldn’t catch the them. Though, there were times when i did fight, and once i got suspended for three days for it; all because of three reasons:

  1. They were girls
  2. There were five of them and one of me
  3. Because i fractured one of there arms and severely bruised one of there legs and banged another’s head against the wall.

I had rely bad anger problems. Once i picked up a 12 foot long scaffolding bar to whack round someones head. I was 10 at the time.

Anyway, back to the focus of the post, friends and in all the time up to year 5, i had none. Nada. Not one! This was a very bad time for me. So bad i had actually become accustom to being alone. So much so that i didn’t even feel comfortable asking the friendly kids if i could play with them. They never sought me out, no one ever did. Then, out of nowhere, i literally cycled into my best friend. He didn’t even go to my school, but he did jut live down the road and we became the best of friends. We helped each other out, shared each others secrets. We did everything together.

My new best friend really helped me through Years 5 and 6. I went to Secondary school and it was there my life was turned the right way up, so to speak. I finally found out why i was so different and un-friend-able. It was because i has Aspergers Syndrome! I finally had a reason to why my life had been so shit! That was a great moment in my life and allowed me to begin improving my social skills for a new school with new people to befriend…

….no. Unfortunately for me, certain people had followed me into secondary school and although none of them were my direct bullies, they still loved telling all my ‘funny’ stores to people all to eager to fill the bully shoes. I was immediately labeled the mental boy, again, only now I was a lot more infamous. You see, my tale had been told to family’s, who formed there own stories and roamers to tell other family’s. Before i knew it i, a 13 year old boy, was being called mental boy by people of all ages, and i mean ALL ages in the street. These were people i didn’t even know! Laughing at me and calling me nut job and freak. I hadn’t been a rock, i would have crumbled. Only i was far beyond a rock, i was an island!

Outside of school, on the other hand, i was making good progress, meeting other kids on my street and the surrounding neighborhood through my best friend, who still wasn’t at my school. Finally, i was making friends. People not embarrassed, or dare i say, scared, to hang out with me. They still didn’t understand me, but they were taking the time to know me, and that’s all i ever wanted.

Oh, i almost forgot, i did make two very important friends in year 7. One, you may know as the Pooeyyeoop 1 that was, who is still my friend as i’m one of the few people who can put up with him, even on a bad day, and the other is in the army now, but we still go out for a drink whenever he comes back round and i still drink him under the table, although he won’t admit it.

From year 7-9, i was on a par with friends, not really making or losing any. I was still bullied, with many imaginative names using my surname. Such as Gwinnit: a giant nit, Gwinnitt, because they knew i disliked it when they pronounced an i instead of the e, and even Gwinnetto. Yes, Gwinnetto was a nick name. One i liked so much i kept, even as my gamer tag for the x-box (Look me up if wanna game on something).


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