Were all different. Just as an example, different sex’s, sizes, shapes, origins, colors and ages. Those differences affect everyone. Here are some more differences that only effect some, mental age, health, sexual orientation, religion. There are some differences that are less prominent than others. Some for good and others for bad. Think about it, it’s is differences, including some of the ones above, that can make some people nasty, mean, short tempered and even bullies. So, this brings me to the question, is it such a good thing that were all so different?

The straightest answer i can give to that question is: yes, duh! But this means supporting a world that brings forward murders, rapists, flashers and child molesters. The world is split by it’s differences, but is that such a good thing when people are willing to go to war over such differences. There is the argument that a life were nothing is worth dying for, is a life not worth living, but is it right that you should have to die for what you believe. Religious leaders are targeted all the time for there preaching and terrorists are given the death penalty in America for believing America is the enemy. Can i support such a valid argument when the argument itself supports such people.

Logically, to fix this problem, something must be done to the equation. Either everyone must be forced to comply to a set guidelines of differences, or, we can do it mother natures way and allow the fittest of ourselves to survive. Forced compliance would have to be instigated by a sovereign power, like a government, but more likely a dictator or Monarch, and my guess is everyone would be forced to become like the ‘reasonable man’ from the subjective ‘reasonable man’ test in law, that everyone is already compered to in Western courts. On the other hand, Mother natures way is much less predictable. So unpredictable that i dare not even guesstimate what may happen if we let nature take it’s course with our race.

Personally,  I think differences are great. Not in moderation either, we need extremes. For every Bin -Lad-din there’s a Mahatma Gandhi. For every Countess Bathory, there’s a Florence Nightingale. For every Jack the ripper there’s a Albert Eisenstein, and so on and so forth. I know people are different; believe me, I know. And i know that those differences mean there are people out there who can’t accept that people are different. I willing to put up with that, and all the differences in this mad world because differences make the world a place worth living in.

That Other Guy

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