R.I.P. Bob Welch

Once again, it is my sad duty to announce the death of a celebrity, this time, Bob Welch, former guitarist and singer for Fleetwood Mac, the band famous for song’s like Albatross and The Chain, who died on 7th June, 2012, due to suicide.

There have been a lot of deaths over the year and every time all I can do is ask myself why. We are living in a terrible world – I understand that – but why must this world be made worse by the deaths of living legends? Bob Welch was one of those living legends and as far as I’m concerned, he always will be.

As always, our thoughts are with the family of the deceased, who we hope will be able to seek comfort in their friends over the coming months and years.

R.I.P. Bob Welch
R.I.P. Bob Welch, 1945 – 2012

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