Ah. Mitchell and Webb. Oh how they make me laugh… Sometimes. They made a film in 2007 and here’s my review of it. Hold onto your hats. This might get… WILD!

It won’t get wild.

Magicians features Mitchell and Webb as two magicians that compete in a magic competition in an attempt to make money.

Simple plot. It really is that simple. Simplicity is the whole point of this film, it seems, when you take into account the simple plot, simple characters and almost cliché set up. Seriously.

You’ve got Mitchell playing Harry, who accidentally kills his wife with a guillotine, after finding her having sex with Karl, played by Webb. They fall out and then rejoin for the contest, before splitting up, joining at the last-minute and winning. It’s obvious and, despite one quick shock in which I thought they’d killed Karl, but discovered it was part of the act.

I’m disappointed by the film, in general. I mean, sure, there some decent magic tricks, such as the guillotine one, but that’s just about all that’s worth taking note of. There’s no real humour, other than the shock-humour of the wife’s death in the first few minutes, which let me down, considering it’s a Mitchell and Webb film. They’re comedians. They make people laugh. That’s their purpose. If they can’t do it, like they didn’t, why bother?

So, I was let down.


That Guy

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