Casual Champion

You know how I haven’t written anything for almost a week, am having to look for work and have GREAT opinions on absolutely anything, which means that you can trust me when I say that you should check out a website? Remember that when you click on the link, in the image, located right below this line of text.

All of my opinions are correct, no questions asked (I SAID NO QUESTIONS ASKED!) and I have yet to be disappointed by any of Casual Champion’s artistic pieces. How can I say that when there is, so far, only one piece of art of his site? I went to school and college with him. I know him. He’s spent most of the last 6 years doing art to a high standard and showing it to those around him. He has not, to my knowledge, received any negative feedback, and as far as I’m concerned, he shouldn’t get any. He’s an artist. Not a drawer, nor a painter, heck, not even a graphic designer. He’s an artist, and artists are what the world needs right now. Go over there, check him out and support him. If not for him, then for me and Benny, who completely supports this advert and would write one himself if he were still here.


That Guy

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