Company Of Heroes

Another game review from TGTRS? I must be seeing things! Nope. Well, yes, but I won’t go into it. Too much hassle. For the purposes of this review, you are not seeing things. Now, to the review.

Company of Heroes is an RTS set in World War II, where you play as Allied or Axis, against the other one. This review is based almost entirely on the Multiplayer Skirmishes that I’ve been doing with Haggis and Dean for the last few weeks. There have been others, such as Locke, Ryan, Cory, Dylan and Zach, and together, we’ve played something like 20 games in the last week or so.

What’s the point? Either kill your opponents, or control victory points until their points reach zero. Simple as that. It’s Annihilate and King of the Hill. I play as the USA or as Germany. Why? Because they are great. Also, I can’t play as Super-Germany or Britain.

I like the USA team. You can make great tanks, call in paratroopers and artillery, but as the Germans, you can make your own artillery units, that fire massive fucking rockets at your enemy. You don’t even have to see the enemy. You just have to be in range. I parked a few on one side of a river and fired two units at one of the enemy bases. I was blowing up their base and all they could do was watch and try to get troops past my sniper and tank that was guarding the first bridge between their base and my artillery.

In short, I was kicking ass. Not in a small way. In a BIG way. Ask Locke. Sadly, Haggis lost connection that game and we had to start again. Then I lost connection the next game, and on the third attempt Locke and I lost. Shame, but it’s true.

That’s my main criticism with the game, to be honest. The connection glitches and bugs. We spent half an hour trying to get a 3 v 3 started, because of a bug in the system. Also, it occasionally has large periods of time in which players get booting for lagging out, when they haven’t been lagging out. Just doesn’t make sense to me…

Overall, though, the gameplay is great, the concept better and the general feel for the game one of professionalism and enjoyment. If it weren’t for the bugs, it’d be a brilliant game.


That Guy

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