Day Of The Dead (2008)

Day of the Dead, a zombie-horror film, originally made by George A. Romero, but remade in 2008 by someone whose name is not important. Now, to the review.

Zombies attack a town in Colorado, and a kid, his girlfriend, his soldier sister and her two colleagues all try to survive, along with the local radio DJ and a few other locals.

Spoiler. The DJ, played by Ian McNeice, is infected. There we go. The best bit of the film, has now been ruined for you. Enjoy!

But no, seriously, that was the best bit of the film. The pervy DJ, who hasn’t got a license, is played by Ian McNeice. That’s it. Nothing else worth mentioning from the plot or film.

The special effects were alright, but the way they made the fire dangerous to the zombies was a worse effect than the lightning from Riff Raff’s Ray Gun in the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Yes. It was that bad. I know they were working with Romero Zombies, which, let’s be fair, are not the best zombies to work with (too many rules), but did they have to stick to Romero’s exact image of a zombie? The transformations were good, but other than that, it felt like I’d fallen into a special effect artist’s nightmare. Special Effects Hell. It’s a real place. It’s wherever they did the effects for this shitty film.

The plot was pretty predictable right up until the end, where they used the same twist they always use in these films, which, sadly, I didn’t expect them to use, because it’s beyond cliché. It’s like, I dunno… If it were a train station, it’d be cliché central, or a street cliché road. I won’t tell you, but chances are, you’ve worked out that it’s that the zombies were made as a result of government testing.

The acting was poor, save McNeices work, which didn’t really help this film due to how shitty the film is even with his help.

I can’t say anything else good, so here’s my verdict.


That Guy

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