A side note

Hi everyone. This is just a side note on That Guy’s most sincere apology, explain personally why i haven’t been writing recently. It’s not writers block, but because i have a job. Yes, in these economic climes, just a week out of College (aka last week, just incase you were wondering) i started my new full time, Monday to Friday, 9-5 job. And, I’m a Scientist!

I work with a company called Herbs in a Bottle. Please look them up if your into that sort of thing. The reason i’ve held off telling you all this, is because as of next week, the company’s employing another person so i won’t be a newbie any more. Happy days.

Hope your lives are going as well as mine, and if not, then i sincerely hope they get better. Honest, i do.

That Other Guy

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