I Am Legend

I Am Legend, the ‘zombie’ film starring Will Smith in his own apocalyptic version of New York. Not bad, eh? Well, let’s see, shall we?

For one, it’s a Will Smith film, set in New York, with ‘zombies’. I say ‘zombies’, because it’s closer than anything else I can think of calling them. They infect you, they kill you, they eat you. Simple as that.

To the point I was going to make, it’s a Will Smith film with Zombies. Sorry to say this, but that’s not something that urges me to go out a buy a film. I only actually watched the film because I was lent the film and asked to review it. Not a huge selling point.

The plot features Robert Neville (Smith) as a virologist trying to cure zombititis, or the Cancer-Cure, as it should probably be referred to. He manages to make a slow-acting cure from his blood (he’s immune by the way) then ends up killing himself to save a woman and kid who are travelling up north to a safe-zone.

He kills himself. With a grenade. In a small room. He locked the woman and kid in a safe, which probably didn’t have a handle on the inside. Chances are, the kid and woman are not gonna get out of that safe.

They do, however, and they live happily ever after, with a cure to zombititis. Yay!

You know, I watched this film and the only bit I enjoyed was watching Will Smith’s character nearly get killed by a bunch of zombies. Sure, I chuckled at a few bits, but it sucked ass when it comes to entertaining the majority. The only bit which had ANY credibility at all, was when the dog died. At least then there was some genuine emotion which could make the average human feel something more than disappointment with Smith’s acting.

Maybe I’m just being too critical, but for some reason, it seemed like it was a bad film. The effects were alright, I guess, as was the way they made New York seem like it was almost completely empty, save the animals and Neville.

Overall, I’d have to say the film was probably Smith’s worst film, that I’ve ever seen. That said, here’s my score.


That Guy

4 thoughts on “I Am Legend

  1. I liked it. I think you’ve got to give Will credit, cause when your the ONLY actor in a movie, it’s pretty hard to keep the the critics (you and me) happy when he’s the only one under our microscopes. you know what i mean.


    1. Now now. There were multiple actors. The woman, the kid, everyone in the flashbacks, the dog, all of the people playing the monsters. It wasn’t just him. To be honest, though. I think Fred had a larger acting range than he does…


      1. Everything I say when I review is true, unless I don’t have access to all the facts. 😛


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