Keeping Mum

A film, starring Rowan Atkinson, Maggie Smith, Patrick Swayze and Kristin Scott-Thomas, as a murderer starts to work as the house-maid in a vicar’s home.

Rowan Atkinson, as a vicar, is something we’ve all seen at some point. We have, haven’t we? Whether it was his stand-up sketches, or in Four Weddings and a Funeral, he’s always been great at playing the religious icon. Maggie Smith, the lovable elderly woman, best known by my generation as Professor McGonagall from Harry Potter, never disappoints and Patrick Swayze? Well, let’s say, it’s good having a reason to dislike him.

So, Keeping Mum, released in 2005 (not 2008, as I always thought), features the above actors, in the aforementioned scenario. Rowan is the vicar, Kristin is his wife who’s cheating on him with Patrick, her gold instructor. Rowan has a bullied son, a nymphomaniac daughter and now a housemaid, Maggie, who was arrested and detained in a psychiatric place, for killing her husband and his mistress.

Hilarity ensues, and let me tell you this. I loved it. I saw it twice yesterday, once in the afternoon, once in the evening, and sure, a lot of the times I laughed the first time, I didn’t laugh the second time. Trust me though. if you get the chance to watch this film, you have to take it.

Swayze’s role is, surprisingly, quite well acted.  I’ve never been a fan of his, but for this film, considering the humiliation he puts himself through, I can sort of accept saying he can act. Maggie Smith plays the passively psychopathic role extremely well, and watching her kill a man with a shovel, from his perspective, is actually quite entertaining. I heartily suggest you look it up on Youtube.

So, what bad can I say? It’s slow. Sure, there’s a lot of deaths in it, but most of them happen in the last half hour, and the first hour is left to partial nudity and jokes. Nothing wrong with that, I guess…

So, for the score. I like the film, no doubt about that. I like the way it’s presented, the way it makes me laugh, and most of all, yeah… Most of all… I LIKE THE WAY IT MOV- hang on… That’s everything. Ah well.

Final verdict, great film with some great cast members and some decent acting, plot development and jokes. What more can you want? More of Atkinson’s aging charm. That’d have made this a full ten out of ten.


-That Guy

2 thoughts on “Keeping Mum

  1. I loved this film to. Its hilarious, and if you like dark comedy, might i suggest the Irish movie, “I sell the dead”.


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