The Dark Night Rises

What a movie. I mean, what a movie. This movie was so long awaited by so many fans of so many ages. I, am a fan, of the Batman. I love it! The characters, the plots, the movies, the cartoons, graphic novels; hell, i even still watch some of the 1950’s terrible t.v. series for shits and giggles. So yeah, i was eagerly waiting in line to see this movie. No clear head as i went into the cinema, and my expectations were high, and boy…. was i disappointed.

I mean sure, this movie wasn’t bad. it was a huge cut above some hero movies I’ve seen like the old spiderman’s and such like, as i’ve come to expect from Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale, but it still wasn’t as good as i’d made it out to be in my mind. Though my version did have my favorite character Riddler in there somewhere. Even if only as a supporting role played by, as tempted, David Tennant.

Now, as this is a newly released movie and many are still rushing to the cinemas to see it, i will make a huge effort to try and not spoil anything in this review for you. No sneaky surprises revealed, no hidden wonders given away, just what you may have already heard in passing and my opinion in general. I hope that’s enough for you; if not, please say bellow and i will do a second review entitled “Rise: In detail” later next week.

Now first, lets look at Batman in this movie. Christian Bale now has to play Batman/Bruce Wane in a completely different way to before. Up till now, Batman has been becoming a stronger symbol and a much darker one as well. He’s only been getting stronger and more distant, and in this movie, Nolan pretty much turns that on its head. I, personally, didn’t like this twist. I preferred Batman as he was in the previous movies and this was the first trip up in the hurdles this movie put me through.

Secondly, the introduction of Cat-woman/Miss. Selina Kyle. I can’t believe i’m saying this, but i actually preferred Hally Berrys performance in the highly feminist (in a good way) movie Catwoman.   The Miss. Kyle from that movie didn’t kill, which i would have liked to have seen be bought across to this movie. It would have been better if they had played on the idea of Catwoman/Batman, what a mach kinda thing. But they didn’t even refer to her as Catwoman throughout the entire movie! only as a cat burglar who wears a similar suit.

Another thing was the movies strafe from the well asserted cartoons and previous story lines. The main enemy is Bane, but its not the Bane we know who lives on titan formula and originally obeyed and protected Poison Ivy, but more a cross between Bane, doctor strange and Ras AlGoul, and as a die hard fan of the predetermined stories, i didn’t like this, despite the fact it was used to create what i may come to accept as a better story for Bane and to very good effect i the movie.

There were some things i liked about the movie. Batman’s new toy, the Bat (yes, it comes in black), and the creation of the major scenes, creating Gotham, etc, etc…. . I must point out now, if you haven’t seen the first movie, then you won’t understand the ending to this one, but OMG, is it a corker of an ending. The movie felt rushed and rather unexplained, but when it got to that end, non of that mattered. Nolan outdid himself with it; It is absolutely Spectacular!

So, hopeing i haven’t given away too much there, and i hope you go see the movie and enjoy it. If you’ve seen the movie and want to know more or you don’t mind spoiling it for yourself, or if you just can’t wait, visit the official website for more:


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