An adult life.

It only struck me earlier. This, in full time work, Monday to Friday 8:30 till 5:00. This is my life. Like, until i retire. Estimating that at today’s 68 years old for men, that’s another 50 years. I haven’t even lived half of half that long (that’s 25 years for those without a calculator). This IS the better part of my life…

Now some of you reading ths may already be in full time work and will have most probably gone through this stage, so know how i’m feeling. Others among you; with current economic times i’m guessing a majority, may have not, in which case let me describe how it feels. You know in school/College when you seemed to be facing an endless stream of work from which you feel there is no hope of ever overcoming. Well, it’s that, only the end isn’t a few years away, but 50 years away and i can’t just look for y11’s or A2 students to keep my hopes up as everyone i work with is older than me and still stuck in the same loop. In a couple of words, terribly soul destroying.

Having typed that, i will most likely feel completely different tomorrow when i’m payed (Finally! :D) and then i will be posting the joys of work. But till then, today was my first truly bad day at work. I think my main co-workers dislike me and i can’t understand why. My boss, although we get along ok, thinks i’m always doing something wrong or messing something up, but she never “has a go at me”, she’s just “telling me”. No offence to her but i get that enough from my mum. Don’t worry, they don’t visit this website, although i asked them to.

The staff who i don’t even work with directly seem to think i’m an idiot and quite honestly, i admit I’ve given them, despite my best efforts to look professional, any evidence to the contrary. But hey, all things considered, i shouldn’t be complaining.  A job one week out of College, that pays well; i got lucky. So what if i undergo a little subtle workplace bullying. I’ve been subject to bullying nearly my whole educated life. It can’t really do me any more harm.

It’s just sad that i though as a kid, and as a young adult, that i understood what people were talking about when they said “be a kid for as long as you can, and enjoy it while it lasts”. I thought they meant don’t let work bog you down and live your life to the full. Now i know they just meant, enjoy not being in full time employment and getting summer holidays. Nothing prepeared me for the rest of my life, and now here it is….


That Other Guy

3 thoughts on “An adult life.

  1. I want to say I know how you feel, but I don’t. You are lucky. Getting a job that early is a real kick in the balls for those of us that didn’t, but keep hold of it and keep at it. You’ve got a genuine shot there to make something of yourself. Don’t let them get you to throw it away.

    No-one ever tells us the whole picture, as a kid. Friends, family, TV, the internet. No-one. Then they say we’re growing up too fast, or too slow, or not at all. Who would want to grow up in a world like this? I sometimes wish I was incapable of rational, and intelligent, if I may say so, thought, because it’s truly the most depressing thing in the world when you realise you have reached the best you will ever be. And you never catch it in time, either. You always miss it, even ever so slightly.

    You realise that, in reality, you’ve passed your greatest days and now it’s all a downhill trip, occasionally cresting over the top of a hill of excellence, never quite as high as that mountain from before. It’s like climbing Mt Everest, then following it up with Ben Nevis. The thrill is gone and now it’s soul-destroying to think it might not happen again.

    Enough about my problems though. Keep at it and remember that I’m always here for you buddy. Now, about that pint you owe me…


    1. Is this at Benny’s old imaginary bar from the one year post, or a real bar….
      Nah, doesn’t matter. Of course i’d love to go for a pint with you!

      Further more, i’d just like to say i wrote this post at a time in my life when i was really, well, pissed off. You know, we’ve all been there. My life has got a bit better (and of course i mean richer) since then, so know i’m not feeling like it’s all for naught.

      Sure, life all still Ben Nevis downwards, but i might as well look forward to the good times i have left anyway, cause you only live once.

      Anyway, thanks for the “pep talk” and till that pint,

      That Other Guy


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