I sell the dead

If you’ve checked the comments to “Dark Knight Rises”, then you’ll know that i suggested this movie to That Guy to watch. I found this movie scrolling through the movie channels on sky, on modern greats. I thought, after checking the description on what sounded like quite a funny movie, why not take a chance. What have i got lose, right? Well, it turned out, the description gave it no justice. It was just absolutely fantastic!

The Movie is set in old 18/19th century Ireland. It is played by a full Irish cast and has a very simple theme. A guy is about to be beheaded for being a grave robber, and a priest asks him to confess, so this guy (who is the star) tells his life story to the priest, who has a very particular interest in the grave robbing family, the House of Murphy.

The movie was very obviously set on a low budget. The scenes aren’t very elaborate. They include the middle of a lake at night, a beach, a pub, a cell, a bedroom and a graveyard. Throw in a dessert and you have all the free sets you can make from that era. The thing is though, despite this lack of money, you are never drawn to the any of this because of a great story line and star like performances.

This movie includes the acting class of Dominic Monaghan. The hilarious Harry Fessenden as Willy and John Speredakos. Johns last name wanted to be auto-corrected to speakerphone. Anyway, these actors kept me laughing with gag after joke after cheeky witticism. It was a pleasure to watch, and i don’t say that lightly.

The story is a dark comedy, not just because it involves dead people, which would have put it snugly in there with “Keeping Mum”, but it about the undead, which brings it into Horrors firing lines. I think it stays well out the way of any Horror comparison though because the movie douse not try to be a horror. It gets scary in one bit, admittedly, but it never loses focus that its a comedy, so it try’s it’s best almost at all times to make you laugh. Having said that, it never tries to hard; even having a emotive-drama like feel when Arthur Blake (Dominic Monaghan) is haveing pillow talk with his girlfriend Fanny Briers (Brenda Cooney). It hard to explain, but plainly enough typed, they’ve got the balance just right.

Further more, and this is comeing from a person who’s seen Airplane, Shawn of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Paul, Family Guy, Naked Gun 3.33 1/2, and many other classic comedys and i must say, this one was THE movie that made me laugh loudest, first time i saw it. I would swear to it, but i don’t wanna  risk anything….

10/10 (aka. Perfect) *

That Other Guy

One thought on “I sell the dead

  1. Thanks for the like Cristian Mihai. The fact that your an actual writer that likes my reviews is really confidence building for me, so, thank you.


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