I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing – Aerosmith

So, this is one of the greatest love songs I’ve ever heard. Spoiler alert – I like it.

You knew that anyway, didn’t you? It’s in my playlist. Of course I like it. Well, WHY do I like it?

Because it’s honest. I’m in love, despite what people may think. I spend just 5 minutes away from my beautiful girlfriend, and how do I feel? I feel as though I can’t cope without her. I want to lie close to her, and feel her heart beating. I want to know what she dreams of for us, and what she sees for us in the future. Without her, I feel like nothing and all I ever want is to find that perfect moment and stay with her in it.

The song explains everything that I feel when I look into her face, whether it’s when I close my eyes, or when she’s right in front of me. All I feel is insurmountable joy and the need to just… exist. That’s all the moment needs. Us in it. Nothing else. We could just be laying on the floor, next to each other, and I’d be happy with the moment. It’s all perfect and, I know people say to expect a few wobblies… Well, we’re going to get them, I know, but this song and the idea of being with each other all the time, with the challenge it presents? I think it’s worth it.

Now, enough about my relationship status, and more about the song, eh?

The lyrics work, and I’m particularly fond of the chorus, whilst the classical style sound, mixed with the modern-ish drumming works well. The piano (?) is repeated enough to be a common feature and easily learnt, whilst the drum is something that I’d consider learning just so I could help to make the song again.

The vocals are good. I mean, not great, but good. They work for what the lyrics are. There’s genuine passion there, and that’s what it should all be about. Passion.

So yeah. The song’s good, the base components equally alright and the general sound one of goodness.


That Guy

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