Pirates of the Caribbean

Is it pronounced Ca-ri-be-an or Ca-rib-ien. I don’t know. Anyway, this is the first of my, hopefully many movie reviews. If i can’t keep up to date with it, then in That Guys words “Fuck it”, right. Anyway, i’m beginning the movie tour of my house in my room, so you will get a true taste of my personal movie preferences as i share these movies with no one (no, non of them are porn, though Dorian Grey dose come close). Followed by my sister’s room and ending with the living room containing family movies and my dads collection as well as a Lee Evans DVD. Just encase your reading Lee, big fan, love your work.  

Right, i can remember way back with this movie. Right the way back to when i first saw it in the cinema and came out with a huge grin on my face excited about the DVD release and already planning the plot for movie two (reviewing tomorrow). I can’t mark this movie down very far at all really, just on one fact and one fact alone. This was THE movie, remember, THE FIRST movie, that introduced the world to the Internationale phenomena that is, the one, the only, greatest odd ball of cinema ever invented…

… Captain Jack Sparrow!

I mean any movie with a star act in it like that, played sooooo well by Johnny Depp, just can’t get lower than a 9. It just can’t. Simple as that. So the question is 9 or 10. Well wait till the end (or skip if your board and a cheat).

Anyway, the scene setting for the Caribbean was great.  Nearly all of the movie was green screen. Can you believe it. I think they only went to the actual Caribbean for just two weeks, just to get scenes they couldn’t get on green screen. A fantastic amount of animation work went into this movie. Also, lighting, sound and special effects were heavily depended on in this movie to make the scenes real and work so well. If you don’t believe me, every splash of water, was a spec effects guy with a bucket. Watch the movie through and take note of just how many gun shots, bits of music there are, not the mention the work that went into creating the sounds of Tortuga.

Orlando Bloom is absolutely fantastic as Will Turner, bringing depth and emotion to the role, though he did have to be reminded allot, that it isn’t until the second movie when he gets cool or pirate-ee in any way. Since i’m on the subject of things the actors did, do you know why Jack runs like he does. It wasn’t written in, but Johnny just thought to himself I wounder how i would run if i had uncomfortable sun burn all over from years at sea; and was a bit weird. So he came up with the run that we all know and love.

Keria Knightly was the epic female lead as Elizabeth Swan. The class stature she pulled of perfectly with the role. Her body language and facial expressions throughout the whole movie were spot on… Oh, and here performance wasn’t bad either (I didn’t spend the WHOLE movie just staring at her; honest). She played a very independent Miss. Swan that made up for the fact she was a first class rich girl from the local 90210 style mansion. She probably could have starred on that eras version of cribs.

Moving on, the plot was unforgettably, weak.  I mean it’s just something about the hero and the funny man and the damsel in distress that seems to cliche slap and dash at the last minuet Kinda thing. Not to mention, it been around forever. I mean compare, Will, Elizabeth and Jack to Romeo, Juliet and Mercutio. A hero, a damsel and a funny guy. whats the diff, except that Jack doesn’t die.

Still, overall, the planning for the series was great. I now can fully appreciate how disordered they made the British royal navy in this first movie. Also how forgiving and ignorance is bliss attitude it is. Especially good is how funny Jack makes the movie. I mean it really wouldn’t be the same movie if it wasn’t for Jack. With him it’s a funny start to a love story involving pirate adventures. Without him, it a romantic drama involving pirates and would have taken itself far to seriously.

Simple as, this movie’s a fat, funny, rum soaked love story with little love story in it and plenty of attitude. Aka, my kinda movie!

10/10 *

That Other Guy

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