Pirates of the Caribbean: the Dead Mans Chest

Where did we leave off. Oh yeah, Will and Elizabeth (Orlando and Keria Knightly) are back in port Royal, safe and sound, ready to start there new lives together with there love pronounced. Jack escaped to be a free pirate again, and the British Royal Navy is happy to hunt him, so everything is a  fairy tail ending. Hurrah.

Until, that is, the British Royal Navy become more organised, smarter and much more underhanded and sinister.

The beginning of this movie is gripping. Starting as it does with the navy turning foe from the friend it was to Liz and Will in the first movie. Elizabeth finding herself the damsel in distress, again, and through a complex pieces of paper work, Will finds himself trying to find Jack, probably hoping for another adventure like the last that ends in a similar fairy tale ending.

Well, Elizabeth gets board of being a damsel and so when her farther tries to free her, she runs off to dress like a man so she can join (ish) the navy and go in search of Will. Again, Keria playing Liz’s individuality very well and still managing to portray her sense of decorum naturally. Orlando Bloom is much more pirate-ee in this one and allot cooler. They also experimented in the script with him being funnier as well. As can be evidence from his very serious, deeply emotional and dramatic acting in the third movie, this aspect Will did not catch on.

I think Johnny Depp plays Captain Jack even more amusingly than in the first movie; and here’s why: He plays his part more seriously. Let me explain, it like why Paul is funny. The acting is serious, but that makes, even when used in a pirate movie, the acting feel more relate-able, and therefore real. So the comedy becomes more real, Altogether, the jokes, although fewer and further between, become more natural feeling and, well, funnier.

A part that is rather undervalued and yet so important to the imagery of the British Royal Navy in this movie is the part of Mr. Mercer. played by David Schofield. He portrays how deceptive and, rather murderous ways the Navy is turning to in its hunt for power over the seas. Other than as a foreshadowing of how big a part the BRN will play in the next movie, this isn’t actually that important a point. I just like to notice it and how it comes to a point at the end of the movie.

The plot in this one is much better than the first one. Davy Jones’s legend being bought to life was nightmarishly good and Bootstrap Bill being reunited with Will, as was indicated might happen in the first movie, if you realized Bootstrap wouldn’t had died at the bottom of the ocean. This meet and wills promise to free his farther, the introduction to Tia Dalma and her “touch of destiny” talk. This whole movie was groundwork for the third movie.

Normally, it’s that sort of thing that ruins a second movie, when all it does is get you ready for the third. But when you include the Isle Crusade battles and the water wheel fiasco, you understand just how much this movie stands up on its own. The last movies bad guy comes back from the dead to make a spectacular ending. A three way sword fight must have been a nightmare to prepare and they pulled it off so well. Not to mention the spec effects of the Kraken!

They packed so much into this movie to prevent it from being a boring midway movie and they so puled it off. This movie is absolutely fantastic and deserves…

10/10 *

That Other Guy

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