A-Ha – Take On Me

Take On Me, the song with the weirdest music video I’ve seen in a long long time. Also, got the highest pitched lyrics I’ve heard in a long long time. You know the ones I mean…

So, what’s it like? Well, to me, it’s honest. It’s an honest song. It’s a song about lust, and how that lust is completely loveless, yet would cause anything to happen.

The video shows us a comic book character bringing a girl into his world, getting chased by some┬ávillains, before he saves her and breaks out of the world to live with her. Lust? Love? Something…

It’s a beautiful story, whatever it’s underlying L-Bomb is.

The music is very… how can I put it… well orchestrated. The keyboard, for example, is perfectly timed, so that the notes are completely separate and the tempo remains high. That’s important with a song like this, to me. It’s a fast-paced song. It needs to stay as quick as it can. Nothing quite like fast keyboard and drums to back that up.

Lyrically, the song’s interesting. ‘Take Me On’ and ‘Take On Me’, don’t really make sense to me, but the general feel is that a relationship is brewing between the two main characters of the song, and that he’s initiating it.

So, a score shall follow… What should I give it? Well, I like it, but it’s lacking something. I think it might be guitar. A little bit of guitar in the instrumental would have fixed it, I think. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m wrong. I don’t think so though.


That Guy

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